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Yellow clay face mask for perfect skin


Do you dream of a facial treatment with multiple effects, at the same time purifying, exfoliating and stimulating? We did it! Our “perfect skin” yellow clay mask recipe is for you. A true condensed100% natural active ingredients,it is designed to cleanse, revitalize and mattify your skin for a fresher, unified complexion. Both easy to prepare […]

White clay mask for dull hair


We all dream of soft and silky hair, easy to comb and which exudes health all year round, without having to buy a thousand and one hair products with sometimes criticized compositions. Despite your best efforts, is your hair dull, brittle or lacking in shine? What if we told you that it is possible to […]

Recipe of green clay purifying mask


Among the timeless treatments that can easily fit into a beauty routine and this, all year round, the purifying face mask is definitely the one you should choose! Ideal regardless of the season, it aims to thoroughly cleanse the skin and sanitize it, so that the grain is smoother and sharper. Made with100% natural and […]

Face mask recipe rebalancing to green clay


To have a unified complexion and clean skin throughout the year, it is important to adopt a good facial routine. If the daily application of a moisturizer adapted to your skin type as well as a natural makeup remover is sometimes not enough to maintain a perfect skin texture, our recipe for rebalancing mask will […]

Green clay purifying mask


Naturally rich in minerals, green clay works wonders on all types of skin, but particularly on oily skins. Used regularly, it has a tremendous re-balancing effect.It absorbs excess sebum, delicately cleanses, naturally stimulates and renews the complexion. YOU NEED: Green clay powder A lime Tea tree essential oil In a glass or ceramic bowl, combine […]



To make a ‘damaged hair’ mask, use a wooden spoon to mix together in a glass or porcelain bowl: 1 egg yolk 2 tablespoons white clay 2 tablespoons avocado, or nourishing oil 2 tablespoons of lemon juice A little spring water or floral water to loosen the dough. Appliquer le mélange sur cheveux mouillés avant […]



otre skin is assailed and irritated?Don’t worry! We have the secret to bringing back its radiance! Pink clay in powder form: 2 teaspoonsOrange blossom water: 3 tablespoonsOrange essential oil: 2 drops Use a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients in a bowl until you obtain a creamy paste. Apply to a clean face and neck, […]