Ghassoul clay: benefits and uses in beauty care

Ghassoul clay benefits and uses in beauty care

Star of the Hammams since the dawn of time, ghassoul clay has recently returned to the forefront of the scene with fans of natural and “home” treatments. Less known than green clay, ghassoul – also called Rhassoul, is a sun-drenched clay that sublimates the skin and hair. Here’s everything you need to know about this multifaceted clay.

Rhassoul: what is it?

Also called Ghassoul, Rhassoul is a silica-rich and all-natural mineral clay that has been used for centuries in North Africa. He went through the ages in the Near and Middle East to get to us. Still little known in the world of clays, this clay is nevertheless experiencing a popularity that continues to increase throughout the world.
Ghassoul clay is extracted from the deposits of the Atlas Mountains, located in Morocco. It is used for facial and body treatments as well as for hair treatments. Ghassoul also means in Arabic “land that washes”.
Like argan oil or black soap, this extraordinary clay is one of the essential elements of the hammam ritual. Ghassoul clay is a true wonder of Nature that has many properties and can be used in a thousand and one ways.

What are the benefits of Ghassoul clay?

The unique composition of ghassoul clay gives it beneficial properties, both for the skin and for the hair.

What is it made of?

Ghassoul is a 100% natural rock, very rich in minerals and trace elements, such as iron, magnesium or phosphorus. The many minerals and trace elements that go into its composition make ghassoul clay an incomparable beauty treatment, which cleanses and purifies the skin and hair. It is also hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin and hair types.
This oriental clay has another major advantage: it contains a large amount of completely natural foaming saponins, which allows it to perfectly cleanse the skin gently and remove all impurities when rinsed.

What are its properties?

An essential ingredient in natural and zero waste care, ghassoul is renowned for its cleansing, exfoliating, soothing, regulating and softening properties. Totally natural, this clay is devoid of surfactants, which is what makes it special. It cleanses and purifies the skin and scalp deeply and gently. It is very effective in removing impurities, without attacking the epidermis or the hair fiber.

Ghassoul clay leaves the skin clean, soft and satin and brightens the complexion. She has a strong adsorption and absorption power, which allows it to effectively and durably rid the skin of toxins and impurities. Ghassoul clay products are both beauty and wellness treatments.  

Ghassoul clay for the face

Our ghassoul clay is a totally natural ingredient, non-ionized, not irradiated and sun-dried to preserve all its qualities. Whether it is made of ultra-ventilated powder or ready-to-use paste, it does not contain any element from the petrochemical industry that is allergenic or likely to attack the skin. This makes it an ideal care for the skin and especially for the face.

Say bye-bye to impurities

Ghassoul is particularly recommended for facials. This clay is very rich in minerals and trace elements good for the skin. Applied as a mask on the face, it purifies the skin deeply and removes excess sebum, dead cells, as well as all impurities.

Totally natural, the ghassoul mask is an excellent care to find a luminous, radiant and spot-free skin. In order to optimize the beneficial effects of ghassoul clay on the epidermis, a few drops of essential oil can be added to the preparation of the mask. The essential oil of tea tee allows, for example, to purify the skin in depth. This combination is ideal for an immediate and long-lasting “anti-imperfection” effect. 

To refine the skin texture

Thanks to its slight exfoliating power, ghassoul clay is the ideal product to refine the texture of the skin without attacking it. Thanks to its absorbent power, it eliminates excess sebum and limits the appearance of imperfections of all kinds (pimples, blackheads…). The results are visible in a few applications: the skin is regenerated, revitalized and more homogeneous, the pores are tightened and the shiny appearance attenuated.

Ghassoul clay for hair

With stress and pollution, it is often difficult to maintain vigorous, light and shiny hair. Ghassoul clay is the totally natural solution to take care of your hair gently, to be associated without complex with the helichrysum of the Les Simples range.

Applied as a mask

The rhassoul clay hair mask is an all-in-one treatment: in addition to nourishing and remineralizing the hair, it purifies and cleanses the scalp in depth. Applied only 10 minutes to the entire skull and then rinsed with clear water, it leaves the hair lighter and more flexible.

To make your mask, you have the possibility to use our ghassoul clay in tube or to prepare your own dough. If you opt for the “diy” solution, consider using glass or wooden utensils and bowls. Avoid metal that alters the properties of clay. For an even more targeted treatment, it is also possible to add other ingredients such as essential oils, vegetable oils or floral waters from our Les Simples range.

Ghassoul clay as a dry shampoo

Less known, and yet of formidable effectiveness, one of the uses of ghassoul clay on hair is “no-poo”. Thanks to its absorbent and adsorbent powers, it is now possible to clean your hair by simply applying a ghassoul clay paste on your entire hair, from the roots to the tips. Massage your scalp for a few moments before doing a thorough rinse.
Your hair regresses too quickly between two washes but you do not have time to go through the “shampoo” box? Be aware that you also have the option of using powdered rhassoul clay as a 100% natural dry shampoo. Simply apply ultra-ventilated powder to your roots, lightly massage and then shake your hair (or use the air from a hair dryer!) to remove the powdery look in your hair. Used in dry shampoo, this clay has the advantage of lightening the roots between two classic shampoos. On the principle of dry shampoo, it effectively rids the hair of its impurities gently, without attacking the scalp or the hair fiber. It revives the color and shine of the hair, moisturizes and nourishes it in depth thanks to its many minerals and trace elements, to leave it radiant with vigor and health.

Ghassoul is very effective, both for body care and facial and hair care. It is a true universal beauty treatment. It can be used as a mask or shampoo. Our two ready-to-use powder and paste formats are both convenient and easy to use. Finally, know that our ghassoul clay is 100% natural and dried in the sun, which allows to concentrate all its properties unlike drying in the oven, which depletes the material.