Pink clay,
ideal for a natural glow

Women have been using clay in their beauty routines for hundreds of years. Each colour has its benefits. Here’s a close-up look at pink clay, ideal for a natural glow!

Pink clay is often used in cosmetics. It is a great ally of sensitive skin because it provides such gentle care. Used as a mask for the face or hair, or simply added to bathwater, pink clay gives you a moment of relaxation and well-being, while taking care of your body!

What makes pink clay special?

Pink clay is a subtle mix of red clay and white clay, so it provides the benefits of both these volcanic rocks! Naturally rich in trace elements, it purifies skin oh so gently! It will help you take care of your skin.

Pink clay and its many properties

Just like green, white, yellow and red clay, pink clay brings your body many benefits.

Thanks to its innate natural properties, it refines the skin’s texture while purifying it. And that’s not all! It profoundly replenishes damaged skin, bringing a healthy glow back to tired faces.
It is also considered one of the most effective clays as it helps enhance epidermal cells.

Pink clay as a source of benefits to skin! Find a spot for it on your bathroom shelf, and you’re sure to have a healthy, glowing look!


The ally of sensitive, dry skins

Pink clay is considered the ally of sensitive and dry skins because it tightens dilated pores and thus attenuates redness, particularly on the face. Don’t hesitate to apply masks, at least once a week!


put pink clay in your bath to soothe the epidermis, stimulate blood circulation and profoundly invigorate skin! Your skin will be much less dry after bathing. You’ll see!

An excellent hair mask

This wonder, direct from the quarry, will also become an ally for your hair! Pink clay repairs brittle hair and brings back its shine! And that’s not all! It also revitalises the scalp. Apply a mask once a week, and you’ll have the hair of your dreams!