Yellow clay, the ally of mixed to oily skins

argile jaune pour les peaux mixtes

Do you already know green, white and red clay? It’s time to discover the yellow clay! Known for its invigorating, smoothing and exfoliatingproperties, she knows how to take care of mixed to oily skin!

Its composition is very close to green clay. However, less rich in iron oxide than the latter,it does not subject any tug to the skin. Soft and purifying, she knows how to take care of your face and your body. We’ll tell you all about it!

Yellow clay, where does it come from?

Also known as the yellow illite clay, it is extracted from French quarries. 100% natural,she found a place of choice in cosmetics. It can be used in the form of masks, cataplasms, powders and even soaps!

Naturally rich in iron, minerals, and trace elements, it will act on your skin gently.

Its benefits for the body

Thanks to its purifying and exfoliatingproperties, yellow clay is a source of well-being for our body and face. It’s going to be able to tighten pores,while removing impurities.

Allied with sensitive skin,she will take care of them gently. The impurities and redness will disappear as the masks go.

And that’s not all! Yellow illite clay is going to be an anti-wrinkle of choice. Pretty good for your pretty face, isn’t it?

Like all other clays, its natural properties naturally soothe the small pains of everyday life.

Not to mention the hair!

Yellow clay is as beneficial to the body as it is to hair! In particular, it will revive fragile and brittilizing hair. It will absorbexcess sebum and impurities.

Do it yourself: yellow clay, honey

It blends perfectly with honey! Together, they will bring your skin back to life,and you will have baby skin right after rinsing. All you have to do is mix it up:

  • A tablespoon of yellow clay
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • Add a few drops of floral water for hydration. Water of rose, chamomile or orange blossom, it is up to you to choose according to your tastes and desires. If you don’t have one, the mineral water will go very well too.

Then let the mask place on your face for 30 minutes, before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Be aware that this homemade preparation can also be applied to the hair,to make it softer, brighter and less brittle.

Argiletz product selection

Yellow clay mask

This mask is perfect for giving your facial cells a new youth. Rich in trace elements as well as minerals,it will exfoliate your skin,with great softness!


Just put a few handles in your bath to immediately bring out a feeling of calm and serenity. Clay will purify your skin while you think of only one thing: relax!