Our values

A know-how made in France

Since its creation in 1953, Argiletz has been proud to advocate a unique French know-how, passed down from generation to generation. For us, clay has always been a passion. That’s why we want to give her back the place she deserves in the world of care and beauty.

Our know-how lies through the women and men of Argiletz who work every day in the creation of our products. Argiletz is a family-owned SME where mutual aid, transmission and benevolence are the watchwords. Our Lizy-sur-Ourcq team holds the ancestral secrets to drying, sublimating and transforming our clay to make it accessible to all through unique care.

All our clays are rigorously selected and come from French quarries (except the ghassoul, which is native to Morocco). Since 1953, our green clay is extracted from the same quarry. It is unique and of incomparable quality.

We are proud to advocate a natural clay drying process that is unique in France: drying in the sun. It allows to respect this noble material and to concentrate the assets of the clay. It is also the only drying method that emits no CO2 emissions!


Argiletz is a small and medium that moves forward with its time, constantly looking for new media, new products and new beneficial stories around clay. Thus, our teams of experts and enthusiasts are constantly sing for innovation.

One of our latest innovations: the Textilit patent®. This is a unique process in which we manage to impregnate a thin layer of clay onto a strip of cellulose. This support replaces a cataplasm or a traditional paste mask, with the advantage of being ready-to-use and being very water efficient. It is also 100% biodegradable, in accordance with the Nature Quality Charter Argiletz, which advocates respect for our environment.

At the same time, we are also partnering with INRA and CNRS to advance basic research on clay.


Since 1953, Argiletz has been committed to offering you the best: quality products, lovingly designed to respect your skin, your hair and your body.

For this, we have made the choice to use natural ingredients. Our clays are dried in the sun. They are preservative-free, dye-free, ionized and irradiation-free. We do not add any chemical process to guarantee you a 100% pure and natural clay.

We are committed every day to pushing the quality controls and technologies used to ensure that our products meet strict standards.

In 2007, for example, we obtained AFNOR ISO 9001certification, is the ISO standard for good management. We are proud to have been the first natural and organic cosmetics company to obtain this famous ISO certification. In 2013, Argiletz also obtained AFNOR ISO 22716certification.

This valuable certification allows you to guarantee cosmetics made in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices.

Respect for man, nature and life

Argiletz has always been committed to respecting man, fauna and flora, and more broadly our beautiful planet. We are convinced that by acting on our scale, we can also raise consumer awareness towards more responsible consumption, so that they become real consumers.

The sun-drying of our clay is one of the proofs of our commitment to the environment. Thanks to this, we save 18,800mwh of gas per year, or more than 1,000 tons of CO2 each year! Our field actions are daily: we recycle our waste, we have set up rainwater recycling bins and have opted for eco-grazing in order to maintain our green spaces. Finally, we act alongside the association Reforest Action, with whom we contribute on our scale to the reforestation of the planet.

In addition to the daily actions taken to care for our planet Earth, we are particularly touched by respect for the most vulnerable human beings. That is why we are actively supporting L’Enfance au Coeur,a field association that has been working for several years on issues related to child protection. We are convinced that nature and childhood combine with the future, which is why we believe it is important to protect children, because without children, we have no future.

Finally, Argiletz is sensitive to animal welfare. Although since 2013 a European directive has formally banned animal testing of cosmetic products, Argiletz has not waited for this decision to commit to respecting life. Since 1953, we have been committed to an animal ethic and have chosen to offer guaranteed products “humane”!