Love of the product

Clay is a land of benefits, at once sweet and powerful, rich and authentic, which never ceases to amaze us with all the benefits it provides.

With a passion for this noble material, our founder Jean Heitz created Argiletz in order to honour it, to make it known, and to allow everyone to enjoy its benefits. Decades later, it was his passion for this clay land that made Argiletz what it is today.

L’argile au cœur de nos produits

Depuis 1953, nous sommes convaincus des nombreuses vertus de l’argile, c’est pour cela que nous avons une équipe dédiée à la recherche et au développement de soins à base d’argile…

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Du 100% naturel

L’argile est un trésor naturel pour notre organisme, notre peau, nos cheveux… Elle est riche en minéraux et oligo-éléments qui en font une ressource inestimable…

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Our clay is dried in the sun

At Argiletz, we are committed to staying as close as possible to what nature has to offer. That’s why we’ve always adopted a unique drying process, which calls on a major ally: the sun!

Why dry the clay in the sun? What are the advantages of this drying method? Argiletz gives you everything about this ancestral know-how and all the extra benefits it brings to clay.

A clay Made in France

A clay specialist since 1953, Argiletz is proud to carry loud and clear the symbol of ancestral and 100% French know-how!

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Valuing a natural and trusted cosmetic

Always committed to respect for man and the environment, our passion for clay has led us to a new cosmetic, more natural and healthier, whether for you but also for the land that is so precious to us…

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Through history

The powers of clay have been recognized for millennia. If antiquity is filled with mentions that quote clay, this precious land has passed through centuries and civilizations, sometimes used to embalm bodies, sometimes used against inflammations and ulcerations…

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