Textilit® face mask with pink clay x3


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Textilit® face mask with pink clay x3


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Our masks are practical, effective and rapid, and are ideal for sensitive skins.

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Our masks are practical, effective and fast, ideal for sensitive skin.

We have come up with an exclusive process, Textilit, that concentrates all the properties of green illite clay on thin, biodegradable cellulose strips.

Spray water on them. Then apply on the area to be soothed like a second skin. Leave it on for ten minutes. Wet again during the application. Remove delicately, rinse face with mineral water, dry by blotting gently with a tissue and apply hydrating** Argiletz cream.
* With a water spray
** Upper layers of the epidermis


Thanks to our patented technology, we are able to impregnate a thin layer of finely ground clay on a strip 100% vegetal and recyclable cellulose strip. This innovation allows our bands to be effective, even with a very thin layer of clay.

Did you know that? It is not the thickness of the clay layer that makes it effective, but the processing and support of it.

Putting a thick layer of clay in paste simply keeps the cataplasm moist for a certain period of time.


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