Maskné: how to combat imperfections related to wearing the mask?


Since the wearing of the mask came into force, the skin has been put to the test. Some of us have seen imperfections, irritations, small pimples of all kinds, whether on the chin, cheeks or nose. This is a side effect of wearing a mask… The phenomenon is such that it even has its little name: the “maskné” or “maskne” in English which is the contraction of “mask” and “acne”. But rest assured, it’s not inevitable! You are told all about the facial routine to adopt to find a peach skin.

Cleanse your skin morning and evening

Locked under the mask for several hours, the skin is subjected to several harmful   factors: poor air circulation, repeated friction, moisture due to breathing and perspiration. The   result? A nest of bacteria and impurities forms and prevents the skin from breathing, causing the appearance of blackheads, pimples, redness…

If cleaning the skin is an important step in a good care routine, it is now necessary to redouble attention in order to preserve a good quality of skin despite wearing the mask. We advise you to use a mild soap or a natural make-up remover which is composed of soothing ingredients that respect the hydrolipidic film of your skin. Ideal: prefer ingredients suitable for sensitive skin, such as pink clay or lime water.

By cleaning your skin morning and evening, you remove all the residue that prevents your skin from breathing and help your skin absorb the nutrients it needs to regenerate.

Our   tip: Don’t wait to go to bed before you clean your face. Gently clean it as soon as you remove the mask (by coming home from work for example) to allow it to breathe as soon as   possible!

Apply a day and night cream

To combat the effects of wearing a mask, too much hydration is not the solution. In the morning, choose a light moisturizer made with natural ingredients, non-aggressive and respect the balance of your skin. Make sure the cream is well absorbed before putting on your mask.

At the end of the day, after cleaning your skin, opt instead for a night cream, richer and thought to promote cell regeneration. It is during the night that your skin absorbs minerals best it needs to stay soft and smooth. Take advantage of your sleep time to give your skin a moment of intense   hydration!

Apply a mask every week

In order to ensure in-depth care, we recommend that you apply a clay mask once a week. . Clay is known around the world for its benefits on the face and hair. Rich in minerals and trace elements, it will nourish and care for your skin gently.

Green, white, pink, yellow, red or ghassoul, it is important to choose the clay that best matches your skin type.

Thanks to our little test to be carried out here, you can now know in the blink of an eye the clays made for   you!

Finally, whether you make your mask yourself with powdered clay or use ready-to-use clay, it’s important to keep in mind two   elements:

  • Never let the clay dry at the risk of it drawing from your skin’s hydration
  • never use a metal or plastic utensil/container as these two materials alter the properties of the clay

With these beauty tips, find a pretty skin and say bye-bye to the side effects of maskné.