Welcome to the Argiletz family! Thanks to our loyalty program, accumulate points for every euro spent and enjoy exclusive benefits and gifts! This program is open to all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get loyalty points?

Nothing could be simpler! With each order placed, your points are calculated according to the amount of the order and are automatically credited to your customer account.
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How do I use my points?

Go to your customer account, section “My loyalty points”. You will find your current points balance as well as the list of rewards. In front of each reward, an “Unlock and Apply” button tells you that you have the option to unlock your gift.
Once your gift is selected, go to your shopping cart. The selected gift appears with a promo code allowing you to get it for free.

How long are the points valid?

Points earned are valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

How do I know how many points I have already accumulated?

To check the balance of your points, go to your customer account, under “My Loyalty Points”.

How to sponsor?

To refer a friend, simply click on the button above “I park” and then enter your friend’s email address. The latter will then receive a notification by e-mail. Do you have questions about sponsorship? Appointment directly on the sponsorship page to discover our FAQ dedicated to its operation.

How do I know if my referral worked?

To check that your sponsorship has worked, go to your customer account, under “My loyalty points”. If the 500 referral points have been credited to your account, then the referral is confirmed!

How will I be notified that I have received a loyalty reward?

From the moment you have accumulated enough points to obtain a reward, go to your customer account, section “My Loyalty Points” to select your reward. Once selected, a confirmation email will be sent to you with the selected reward and the associated promo code (if you wish to use it later).

How do I choose the products that are offered to me?

Go to your customer account, under “My Loyalty Points”. Below your points balance is displayed the list of possible rewards and their status (locked or unlocked). For each reward unlocked, you will have the choice between several products, according to your desires!

How do I join the loyalty program?

The loyalty program is open and accessible to all. All orders placed will give you loyalty points (calculated according to the amount spent).
If this is your first order, 100 points will be automatically credited (in addition to the points accumulated related to your first purchase).

Do I have to pay shipping costs when ordering my free product?

Shipping costs remain the responsibility of the customer. The product offered can be ordered alone or with other products. In this case, the shipping costs associated with the order may change (offered from 35 € of purchase or reduced for orders over 5kg).

Can I select multiple rewards?

You can accumulate as many rewards as you want as long as you have enough points. Go to your customer account, section “My loyalty points” to consult your number of loyalty points and choose your rewards.