How do I take care of my feet naturally?

how to take care of my feet naturally

Whether in a pair of boots stuffed in winter or in sandals in summer, we lock our feet about 7 hours a day in a space sometimes enclosed or high perched and sometimes wet. Our feet carry us throughout the day and absorb up to twice our weight per day. They are also very sensitive, with nearly 7200 nerve endings linking to all our organs. So it’s high time to take care of it, Argiletz tells you everything “to pamper your feet as healthily and naturally as possible.


1- Clean up

Clean your feet thoroughly every day. On a daily basis, our feet accumulate a multitude of bacteria that a simple shower is not enough to remove.

To prevent the proliferation, maceration of bacteria and the appearance of fungi, it is advisable to carry out a careful cleaning of your feet with a gentle natural antibacterial soap.

Don’t hesitate to rub, pass between the toes and take care of your nails.
Once the maintenance stage is complete, it is important to dry your feet thoroughly.

Our tip to keep your feet dry: sprinkle ultra-ventilated green clay on your feet. The clay will act like talc by absorbing the remaining moisture. It’s also a great tip for regulating plantar sweating. The trick also works in shoes to absorb moisture and odors.

2- Hydrate and massage

Hydrate your feet daily and especially relax! After each toilet, use an ultra-nourishing foot cream to complete this routine.

You can apply cream morning and evening if your feet are very dry.
We recommend a nourishing green clay foot cream enriched with ORGANIC aloe vera. Applied by gently massaging it promotes, thanks to the rhythmic pressures on the reflex areas, the drainage of the points that will be stimulated. Massage each foot for up to 10 minutes in circular motions until the nourishing cream penetrates completely.
Enjoy this magical moment every day for beautiful feet.

THE PROFOND SOIN (1 to 2 times a week)

1- Exfoliate

Exfoliate your feet once or twice a week during your shower, bath or foot bath. Apply a few touches of scrub on the top of your foot and on the arch and massage in circular motions. Rinse gently. Regularly scrubbing eliminates dead cells.

2- A clay mask... on your feet!

We can’t say it enough, but clay works wonders on the whole   body! As on the face, let yourself be tempted by a clay mask for the feet. There are all colors.

 There are two   options:

  • The clay   bath: In a basin or container large enough, put 100 g of the clay of your choice, then slide your feet into the water /Argiletz mixture and relax for 20 minutes.
  • Cataplasm:   Apply the clay of your choice to the entire foot in a thick layer for 10 minutes. The clay should not dry during laying. We advise you to re-wet it if necessary.

Once the time has elapsed, rinse and dry your feet thoroughly, apply your nourishing cream. Your feet will appreciate these revitalizing treatments.