Red clay and its many benefits for skin and hair

Argile rouge Argiletz: bienfaits pour le corps et la chevelure

Known since the dawn of time, red clay is the beauty ally of women who like to take care of their bodies and hair, with 100% naturalproducts. Zoom!

The first woman to be completely seduced by red clay is Cleopatra. The Egyptian queen used it daily for her care and balms.

Since then, this miracle red powder has made a prominent place in contemporary society, as its benefits for skin and hair are numerous.

Red clay and its multiple properties


Naturally rich in trace elements and mineral salts, it gently cleansesthe skin, while acting gently on the body and face.

Mitigate redness

It is mainly recommended for sensitive, dry and tired skin. The red clay will soothe the skin and reduce redness! A great way to say bye-bye to its imperfections,in a natural way!

Bringing brightness

Its other powers: bring brightness and shine to your complexion, 100% natural! After a mask, your face will be illuminated and purified in depth.

To enjoy its benefits, it is recommended to make a mask per week. You let the clay lay on your clean face for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water!

Red clay for hair

In addition to taking care of your skin, clay is beneficial for your hair. Thanks to its naturally present properties, your hair will regain suppleness and shine in a few masks! Ideally, just like the face, made in one a week, for several months.

Little more: It absorbs excess sebum! If you have greasy hair,this red powder will change your life!

Obviously, given the color, it is mainly recommended for brown and red hair.

Argiletz product selection

The red clay mask

This mask instantly brings luminosity to your skin,while cleansing and purifying your face. A beauty ally of choice to include in your routine.

Red clay 200g

Bring out the Cleopatra that sleeps in you,by putting clay in your bath. Rich in iron oxide,your skin will be naturally thinned and radiant!