White clay, ideal for pampering your skin!

Soin visage à l'argile blanche

Less well known than green or redclay, white clay is an ally of choice in cosmetics! Softening, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory… Focus on its many benefits,both for the body and the hair!

Each clay corresponds to a color,and each color has its share of benefits. Close-up onthe white clay!

White clay, where does it come from?

Also called Kaolin, white clay was discovered in a small Chinese town: Kao-Ling.

Naturally rich in silica, mineral salts, it absolutely cherishes all skin types. Little more: it is also very beneficial for hair!

A source of skin benefits

Softer than green clay and ghassoul and thanks to its neutral pH white clay brings dry, sensitive and irritated skin back to life.

Rich in minerals and mainly iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium, it will find a place of choice on the shelf of your bathroom.

White clay is a 100% natural product with multiple virtues! Moreover, it is very frequently used as a cataplasm on wounds, and skin problems. Not only will shesoftenit, but she’s going to fix it in depth! And that’s not all! It will also give it a new glow, help your skin cope with pollution. A great way to take care of yourself and pamper your skin, with a quality product! And besides, it’s the good looks assured!!

What about the hair?

Whiteclay is not only beneficial for the skin! It will also restore pep’s to dull and damaged hair. Just make hair masks once a week, and you’re done! Your hair will be naturally repaired from the roots to the tips. It’s up to you with soft, shiny hair. It’s enough to make a lot of jealousies!

Thanks to its absorbent virtues,it will allow you to say bye-bye to dandruff! Pretty good, isn’t it?

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The white clay mask

It will bring softness and shine to your skin!
Just apply a thick layer to the face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10 minutes,then rinse with lukewarm water. A little tip for the best result: don’t wait for the clay to dry!

White clay 200g

A great way to restore shine to dull skin, while enjoying a real moment of softness! You can mix it with water to make a hair mask,or slip a few handfuls into your bath to relax and take care of your skin! It’s up to you…