White clay mask for dull hair


We all dream of soft and silky hair, easy to comb and which exudes health all year round, without having to buy a thousand and one hair products with sometimes criticized compositions. Despite your best efforts, is your hair dull, brittle or lacking in shine? What if we told you that it is possible to bring your hair back to life with a 100% natural mask that is easy to prepare and quick to make? Discover without further ado our white clay mask recipe for dull and fragile hair with white clay.

What ingredients for the dull and fragile hair mask?

To take care of your scalp, it is essential to use healthy and natural products, which do not attack the hair fiber and nourish it deeply. Nature is well made ! It provides us with ingredients with unsuspected virtues, for targeted and effective care. That’s what we put the spotlight on in our mask recipe for dull and brittle hair. To make it, here are the ingredients:

  • 6 tablespoons of powdered white clay
  • 1 banana
  • 3 tablespoons of sweet almond oil
  • Floral water (ylang-ylang, sage or blueberry for example) or mineral water

Place the powdered clay, the banana and the sweet almond oil in a glass or earthenware bowl then add the floral or mineral water as you go, making sure to mix well using a wooden spatula until the dough is smooth and homogeneous. Your preparation should not be too runny or too pasty to be easily and evenly applied with your fingers.

Our tip: if you don’t have powdered clay, you can replace it with ready-to-use white clay paste. In this case, you will need less hydrosol (or mineral water).

Spread the paste liberally on your scalp, from roots to ends, and let the mask sit for 10 minutes. In order to enjoy all the benefits of this homemade mask, it is important not to let the clay dry out. You can do this by gently massaging your scalp and / or moistening your hair with a mist sprayer. Once the exposure time has elapsed, rinse thoroughly with clean water. In order to remove all residues, we recommend that you apply a special shampoo for dull hair.

What are the effects on lacking shine or brittle hair?

White kaolinite clay is ultra soft, ideal for dull hair on which it will act as a remineralizing treatment. Rich in trace elements and minerals, it nourishes the hair and gives it shine.

Bananas are known to give brittle hair a boost by nourishing it without weighing it down. It also helps to boost growth.

The sweet almond oil will also nourish the hair deeply to restore shineand suppleness.

Finally, floral waters also have many virtues. Ylang-ylang, sage or blueberry hydrosol for example, are known to restore shine to dull and damaged hair.

Applied every week, this mask for dull hair will give your hair a second life!