Since 1953

More than a commitment, a passion

Argiletz’s passion was born in the heart of the Jurassic forest, when the mother of our founder Jean HEITZ decided to use clay to care for the resistance fighters wounded during the Second World War. From a tragic episode in history, she lets the earth of earth green illite heal both the body and the mind of human beings.
She then passed on to her son all her know-how, her knowledge and her love for this noble land. Driven by his convictions and convinced of the powers of clay, Jean Heitz created Argiletz in 1953.

Did you know that?

The name of our brand Argiletz is from the contraction of the word “Clay”
and the last two letters of the name of our founder (Mr. Heitz)!

An ancestral know-how

Clay has been at the heart of our family for generations. When Mr. Jean HEITZ decided to create Argiletz, he was ambitious to restore clay to its earned place in the world of cosmetics and care. Arriving from the Jura, he is already convinced of the many benefits of this miraculous land and wants to popularize it and make it known to the whole world!

It was then that he teamed up with Mr. and Mrs. Gallon. Together they visit all the health food stores to highlight this natural and beneficial land.

Did you know that?

It was a very difficult start for Argiletz. After vain canvassing
and incessant with dieticians and pharmacists of the time, Jean Heitz succeeded in the bet
to sell its first packet of 3kg of crushed green clay to a pharmacist before
it’s a thought-forward. He was convinced, as many professionals and
by Jean Heitz’s speech and by the undeniable benefits of clay. Small to
small, the network of partners developed and Jean created care, pasta and
clay-based cataplasms to meet new uses and growing demand.

At that time, the preparation of clay required time, effort and a lot of courage. Mr. Heitz stretched the clay with a shovel on a drying area so that it dries thanks to the gentle heat of the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, this drying process already meant that weather was dependent on the weather at the time. Without sun, it is impossible to dry the clay. With each risk of rain, the clay had to be (as is still discussed today) to be brought back to dry.

Once dried, it was with the help of a wheelbarrow that he returned the clay in order to store it. For him, no holidays, no Sunday, the clay was laid every day of good weather in order to anticipate the winter stock.

Subsequently, together with his wife Nadia, as true pioneers of natural and organic care, they revolutionized the uses of clay by creating new innovative and patented, ecological, biodegradable and ergonomic supports to offer as many people as possible access to this ancestral beneficial care.

A modernized technique, as close as possible to our values

Clay has grown considerably and is gaining more and more followers around the world. However, not all clays are equal! Beware of baked clays, mixed, ionized or simply of poor quality. Choosing Argiletz means choosing quality and respect. Our clays are acclaimed all over the world for their unrivalled quality.

Argiletz is in constant motion, constantly looking for new media, new products and new beneficial stories around clay. Our research and development is ongoing.

Our manufacturing processes have evolved and our artisanal technique is more elaborate. Today, our clay is applied to 2500m2 slabs in order to dry it gently and naturally in the sun (this drying process has not changed, we want to!). It is then picked up, stored in sheltered sheds.

Our team, made up of men and women experts in the craftsmanship and know-how of clay, constantly innovates to offer you quality clay and cosmetic products that live up to our values. This includes obtaining specific quality standards, including clay control. We control clay on, among other things, the following aspects:

  • Mineralogical analysis
  • Analysis of micronutrients
  • Structure of clay
  • Microbiological

This commitment also requires our fundamental clay research partnerships with INRA and CNRS.

With a rich history and unparalleled dedication, Argiletz is proud to honour clay as a land of care and progress. Today, more than ever, we are a passionate family business, with strong ambitions and a strong commitment to respecting the living.