Our purpose

Since 1953, our commitment to clay has led us to innovate, to offer you ever more effective and respectful of your skin. Born of a true passion for clay, we have preserved all these years the red thread that unites us to this benevolent land.
Today, we want you to discover all the benefits of this precious material and give it back the place it deserves on a daily basis.

Give clay back the place it deserves

Driven by this love for clay, Argiletz was born from a passion and we want to communicate on this benevolent land so that it regains the place it deserves in the world of care, beauty and daily well-being. At Argiletz, clay is at the heart of our identity.
Pure and authentic clays, crushed grains or ultra-ventilated powder as light as a cloud. Green clay but also colored clays: red, white, pink, yellow, ghassoul… to meet the needs of all skin types.
100% natural clay-based cosmetics, which incorporate this noble material into a concentrate of natural assets. Clay is part of all our products. It blends perfectly with healthy ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, honey or organic essential oils.

Valuing a natural and trusted cosmetic

Always committed to respect for man and the environment, our passion for clay has led us to a new cosmetic, more natural and healthier, both for you but also for the land that is so precious to us.

We offer a pure clay and recognized for its properties, from French quarries controlled and selected for their quality. Did you know that our green clay has been extracted from the same clay quarry since our creation in 1953? At the same time, in order to formulate cosmetic products that are both effective and green, we carefully select 100% natural ingredients, whose virtues for skin and hair have been proven.

As you will have understood, we want to guarantee you a trusted cosmetic where clay has its place. A cosmetic with impeccable composition, with few ingredients and no unnecessary additions, as close as nature has to us!

Through history

The powers of clay have been recognized for millennia. If antiquity is filled with mentions that quote clay, this precious land has passed through centuries and civilizations, sometimes used to embalm bodies, sometimes used against inflammations and ulcerations. It is through its multiple uses that it draws its rich and powerful history. And yet… in recent decades, clay and the care it provides have gradually been replaced in modern society in favour of controversial products. Argiletz has given it back all its credentials and has been valuing it every day since 1953.