The respect of environment

Since 1953, Argiletz has been committed to the protection of fauna, flora and bio-diversity. Respecting nature is in the DNA of our company The Earth generously delivers its benefits to all humanity. It allows human beings to exist by supporting their vital needs. Comparable to a mother and her children, the earth is nourishing, it is also the bond that unites all human beings.

Argiletz, through its choices of extraction, drying, packaging and maintenance of its territories demonstrates its full and sincere commitment to preserve nature.

Our concrete actions

Sun-dried clay

A gentle, delicate and 100% natural process, the sun-drying of our clay is the best proof of our commitment. When most clays are dried in the oven or dryer, we have chosen a longer drying, manual, artisanal, natural. Thanks to the sun, we save 18,800 mwh of gas per year or more than 1,000 tons of CO2 per year!

Moreover, this drying multiplies concentrates and multiplies the active ingredients of clay when the drying in the oven depleted its qualities. A living and active clay on the skin without any greenhouse gas emissions, that’s the whole Argiletz spirit.

Did you know

Mr. HEITZ began drying the clay in the sun in 1953 using a simple shovel and wheelbarrow, he was laying the clay with a shovel on the drying area and with the wheelbarrow he was tucking the clay in to store it. For him, no holidays, no Sunday, the clay was laid every day in order to anticipate the winter stock.

Eco-grazing: Sheep mow our lawn

The Argiletz laboratories are in the heart of a green setting. In order to preserve biodiversity and respect the eco-system of our green spaces, we opted for responsible and 100% green maintenance.

We turned to the eco-grazing solution proposed by Paradia. Ushant sheep (our two new mascots) have joined us and have as their favorite activity the maintenance of our grounds. They spend most of their time grazing our grass. In addition to being eco-responsible, this practice promotes biodiversity, enriches soils and helps preserve a breed that has almost disappeared.

Did you know

The Ushant sheep is the smallest sheep in the world, at 50 centimetres and 20 kilograms (for the largest)! It is particularly hardy and can withstand difficult climatic conditions, making it ideal for eco-grazing.

Tanks to collect rainwater

We have put in place a rainwater recovery system to water our green spaces while preserving this natural resource. Argiletz has 60 m3 tanks. These tanks collect thousands of litres of rain a year…

Accommodation of beehives

Argiletz graciously hosts the hives of local beekeepers.

Packaging and waste management

We also recycle or revalue our waste: for example, instead of discarding our printing sheets, we cut it out and use it as protection in your parcels. Smart, isn’t it?

Animal welfare

Since its inception Argiletz has never carried out any tests on animals, so long before the regulations that forbid it. Respect for nature is inscribed in Argiletz’s genes and animals are part of its beauty and diversity… At Argiletz, on the other hand, we take care of animals thanks to the clay soil as miraculous on humans as on animals.

Products that respect man and nature

Clay is a generous material. Clay meets water and comes to life in surprising textures. Clay meets the skin, purifies and reveals beauty. Clay meets the body, it relieves and soothes.
In tune with this unique material that takes care of the body and mind, and to which we dedicate ourselves every day, we use only natural ingredients.

All of our cosmetic products are made up of healthy, natural and/or certifiable organic ingredients. There is no extra in our products: a minimum of ingredient and a maximum of quality.

Did you know

Our ready-to-use tube clays are made up of only two ingredients: 100% natural clay and a little water!
From the extraction in the clay quarry to your bathroom, we have made the choice of simplicity, we add no superfluous to our products.

Our clays are natural, without preservatives, dyes, ionization and irradiation.

We do not use any chemical process.