Our commitment to quality: our certifications

Clay: a requirement!
Argiletz respects nature and people.

Thanks to a team of passionate and involved experts, we push quality controls (and the technologies used) every day to ensure that our products are adapted to the highest standards and requirements of the Argiletz quality charter.

We are proud to be the first manufacturer of natural and organic products to be awarded ISO 9001 in 2007 (at a time when organic and good practices were not yet in the public space). This standard supports our desire to offer quality products that meet a high level of requirements.

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Our values

A know-how made in France

Since its creation in 1953, Argiletz has been proud to advocate a Unique French know-how that is passed down from generation to generation. For us, clay has always beena passion…

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Every day, we strive to increase our research and development efforts in order to guarantee you quality natural clay treatments on a daily basis. Our various certifications attest to our commitment. We are committed to staying as close as possible to what nature offers us by not using any chemical process. Our product is respected throughout the manufacturing process: from its extraction in the clay quarry to your bathroom.

Our clays are 100% natural, preservative-free, dye-free, ionized and irradiation-free. In addition, we are banning polluting packaging in favour of cleaner and environmentally friendly packaging. This is how this manifesto on the ground and concretely our commitment to quality.

Constant innovation

Argiletz is a small and medium that moves forward with its time, constantly looking for new media, new products and new beneficial stories around clay…

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Since 1953, Argiletz has been committed to offering you the best: quality products, lovingly designed to respect your skin, your hair and your body…

Respect for nature
and living

Since 1953, Argiletz has been committed to the protection of fauna, flora and bio-diversity. Respecting nature is in the DNA of our company The Earth generously delivers its benefits to all humanity. It allows human beings to exist by providing for their vital needs.

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