Quality commitment

Clay, a requirement

Argiletz respects nature and people. Thanks to a team of passionate and involved experts, we push quality controls (and the technologies used) every day to ensure that our products meet the highest standards and requirements of the Argiletz quality charter.

We are proud to be the first manufacturer of natural and organic products to be awarded ISO 9001 in 2007. (At a time when organic and good practices were not yet occupying the public space) This standard supports our desire to offer quality products that meet a high level of requirements

Argiletz is also ISO 22716 certified by AFAQ. This certification targets good manufacturing practices in the cosmetics industry,around topics such as sourcing, purchasing, production, control, packaging, storage and transport of cosmetic products. Topics such as safety and well-being at work are also key points of this standard. As a certified company we are audited annually by AFAQ, which guarantees you consistent quality. It should be added that most companies in the world of cosmetics simply act by respecting these standards in close (or far) respect, without passing the step of this recognized certification.

Our products are also controlled with MRI (Institute for Microbiological Research), an organization accredited by the Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee).

Fully dedicated to clay, Argiletz is working in partnership with INRA and CNRS to advance basic research on this miraculous material! And many of the benefits of clay are now recognized by science


Did you know that?

We strive every day to increase our research and development efforts, in order to guarantee you quality natural clay treatments on a daily basis. Our various certifications attest to our commitment. We are committed to staying as close as possible to what nature offers us by not using any chemical process. Our product is respected throughout the manufacturing process: from its extraction in the clay quarry to your bathroom.

Our clays are 100% natural, without preservatives, dyes, ionization and irradiation. We are also banning polluting packaging in favour of cleaner, more environmentally friendly packaging.

This is how this manifesto on the ground and concretely our commitment to quality.