Made in France

A clay specialist since 1953, Argiletz is proud to carry loud and clear the symbol of ancestral and 100% French know-how!

It all started a few years ago during the Second World War with the simple and life-saving gestures of the mother of founder Jean HEITZ. In the Jurassic forest, she heals the resisters with the known powers of illite green clay, which she can easily hide in her pouch. She passes on her actions and secrets to her son Jean. He discovers and learns with passion the powers of clay, he develops care, pasta and cataplasms based on clay, a knowledge that is now passed down in our family from generation to generation.

Nearly 70 years later, we still work this same clay land with love, in a corner of greenery in the Paris region.

Did you know that?

Since its creation, Argiletz has respected the clay earth, from its extraction in the clay quarry to its packaging:

– Our clays are extracted and dried in France except for Ghassoul which is native to Morocco
– Our clays are carefully packaged at our production site in Lizy-sur-ourcq, France
– Our green clay illite is extracted from the same French quarry, since 1953
– Our cosmetic products are composed of clay and mineral and plant ingredients, natural or certifiable ORGANIC, mainly from the local economic fabric.

It is also in Lizy-sur-Ourcq that our team of enthusiasts works with dedication to design and manufacture quality products, as effective as they are natural, to take care of you while respecting nature.

Argiletz favours local sourcing: in addition to bringing French know-how to life, we drastically minimise our ecological impact (less transport, eco-responsible partners, rainwater recovery…).

Finally, all our products have been designed, manufactured and packaged in France for almost 70 years,at your fingertips in our Lizy-sur-Ourcq site. We are happy to promote a “red white blue” know-how!