Sun-dried clay

Our sun-dried clay

Clay is a natural land, powerful and soft at the same time, which has been used for millennia for its properties for the skin, body and hair. At Argiletz, we are committed to staying as close as possible to what nature has to offer. That’s why we’ve always adopted a unique drying process, which calls on a major ally: the sun!

Why dry the clay in the sun? What are the advantages of this drying method? Argiletz gives you everything about this ancestral know-how and all the extra benefits it brings to clay.

A unique know-how in France

Since 1953 it is the rays of the sun that come to dry our clay with softness and delicacy after its extraction 100% natural. Our processes respect the clay earth from its extraction to its packaging guarantee you a quality product,

This mode of drying takes time and makes us dependent on climatic hazards.

We are proud to be the only French company to implement this natural and environmentally friendly drying method!

Respect for the active ingredients of clay

In addition, drying in the sun is the only way to dry to ensure full respect for the properties of the clay. Rich in trace elements and minerals good for the skin, body and hair, this 100% natural land is alive. The heat of the sun concentrates all the active effects that clay, and makes it even more powerful. The virtues of sun-dried clay are multiplied on your skin.

Unfortunately, much more widespread, drying clay in the oven or dryer depleted this material so noble. For Argiletz; This drying method is irreplaceable and guarantees you quality products.

Drying in the sun: good for the environment

Respect for the environment is at the heart of our concerns. And the drying in the sun of our clay is one of the proofs of our commitment. By using the sun, we save 18,800mwh of gas per year or more than 1,000 tons of CO2 per year!

Clay has been at the heart of our family for generations. It was in 1953 that Mr. Jean HEITZ decided to restore clay to its earned place in the world of dietetics and care. At that time, he already believed hard as iron to the many benefits of this miraculous land.