Parrainez vos amis et remportez 500 points chacun


Frequently asked questions about sponsorship

How to sponsor?

To refer a friend, simply enter their email address in the form above. The latter will receive by e-mail, an invitation from you to place his first order on

How do I know if my referral worked?

To check that your sponsorship has worked, go to your customer account, under “My loyalty points”. If the 500 referral points have been credited to your account, then the referral is confirmed!

Can I sponsor multiple relatives?

Yes! To do this, fill in several email addresses in the form above, separating them with commas. For example:,, etc.

How will my loved one be notified of the sponsorship?

After entering his e-mail address in the sponsorship form above, he will immediately receive an e-mail with your first and last name, indicating that you wish to make him discover our website.

Can I revive a friend I've already referred?

No. A loved one can only receive one invitation link per sponsor. Nothing prevents you from reviving your loved one by your own means (sms, call, e-mail, social networks, etc.).

How do I get my 500 points back?

To get your points, the referred person must make a first purchase on our site.

When will I get my reward?

You and your referral will receive your 500 points when their first order is shipped (approximately 48 hours working days, excluding WE).