Green® clay sheets x6


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Green® clay sheets x6


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Our pre-cut, individual strips can be applied on any parts of the body.

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Our pre-cut, individual strips can be applied on any parts of the body.

open it. Tear the necessary surface for the application by following the pre-cut then moisten slightly the leave. Apply the leave to the zone to be handled, the darkest side against the skin. Smooth so that it can adhere properly. When clay meets water, it takes on new life:to preserve its virtues, moisten it as much as necessary. Leave it on 15 minutes. Wet again during the application. Repeat the application several times a day (without leaving it dry).
* With a water spray or a sponge.


Thanks to our patented technology, we are able to impregnate a thin layer of finely ground clay on a strip 100% vegetal and recyclable cellulose strip. This innovation allows our bands to be effective, even with a very thin layer of clay.

Did you know that? It is not the thickness of the clay layer that makes it effective, but the processing and support of it.

Putting a thick layer of clay in paste simply keeps the cataplasm moist for a certain period of time.

Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not swallow. Do not allow the clay to dry.

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