Toothbrush x4 soft bristles


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Toothbrush x4 soft bristles


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4 soft-bristled ecological toothbrushes made of bamboo with a distinctive icon, to be combined with our organic toothpaste.
Each toothbrush has a different pictogram so as not to confuse them!

Livraison offerte dès 35€ jusqu'à 5kg (en France métrop.)

Each year, about 1,400 tons of toothbrushes end up in our landfills. At Argiletz, in addition to offering you for years healthy toothpastes, without fluoride or titanium dioxide, we have worked to offer you an alternative for a toothbrush a little more clean!

The bamboo toothbrush soft bristles: to be associated with our organic toothpastes. Each toothbrush has its picto: Butterfly, bee, tree, flower. Each member of the family has their own toothbrush.

We tell you all about our toothbrush:

Its Kraft box is 100% biodegradable

Its bamboo handle is light and 100% biodegradable

Its hairs, soft for the gums are recyclable.

This toothbrush is suitable for the whole family and children from the age of 7.

We chose to burn our toothbrush rather than paint it for ecological reasons

For good dental hygiene, it is recommended to clean your teeth after each meal using a 100% natural and remineralizing clay toothpaste.

It is recommended to change your toothbrush every 3 months.

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