How to use powdered clay?

Clay is a natural material appreciated for its many benefits since the dawn of time.


Each clay is associated with a colour and each colourbrings certain benefitsto your skin. Why [...]

White clay, ideal for pampering your skin!

Less well known than green or redclay, white clay is an ally of choice in [...]

Yellow clay, the ally of mixed to oily skins

Do you already know green, white and red clay? It’s time to discover the yellow [...]

Red clay and its many benefits for skin and hair

Known since the dawn of time, red clay is the beauty ally of women who [...]

Ghassoul, your new essential beauty

In the clayseries, do you know ghassoul? This 100% natural brown powder will sublimate your [...]

What night routine for my skin?

Your skin also needs rest! The products you will apply before you sleep, will help [...]

Green clay or white clay: What to choose for your skin?

Clay is a natural rock with many absorption and adsorption properties. It has been used [...]


A little ritual to take care of your skin gently and get it ready for [...]

Apply your Textilit mask

Green clay is undoubtedly the best-known and most active of all clays! Thanks to its [...]

Pink clay, ideal for looking good

Women have been using clay in their beauty routines for hundreds of years. Each colour [...]

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