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How do you choose your clay?

Clay is a land resulting from the metamorphosis of a decomposing rock that is enriched during this process and decades into mineral salts.
It is used for its many virtues. Many civilizations have benefited from the protective and care qualities of clay.

Clay is found naturally in different colours: green, white, red, yellow or Ghassoul.
It is distinguished by its two main absorption and adsorption properties that allow it to exchange the impurities and toxins absorbed for minerals and trace elements necessary for our body.

Argiletz designs, produces and distributes clay and natural and organic clay treatments.

Our family business is dedicated to this precious material.
We extract it from the quarries and then let it dry naturally in the gentle heat of the sun, and it is thanks to this that it retains all its assets. We draw from the land of pure resources. We are committed to respecting it: preservatives and polluting packaging are banned from our products.

Illite green clay is the noblest of clays, rich in minerals and trace elements. It absorbs impurities and releases its minerals and trace elements into contact with the skin.

It has been used since the dawn of time by many civilizations for its cleansing, purifying, remineralizing, balancing virtues etc.
It can be used in the land of well-being and beauty: it can be used in cataplasms and plasters to relieve daily effort.
It contributes to joint well-being and naturally improves flexibility and comfort in everyday movements.
Clay is also an ally for everyday problems: it cleanses, purifies and helps the cell regeneration of the epidermis.

Green clay is also used in addition to or following a spa treatment, to prolong and accentuate its effects.

Finally, clay is one of the stars of beauty. Always used in cosmetics, green clay can be suitable for all skins. It sublimates, oxygen, purifies and refines the skin grain. For oily and problem skin, it works wonders thanks to its purifying and regulating action of sebum.

Our green illite clay is extracted, dried naturally, processed and packaged in France.

The granulometry of the clay corresponds to the fine grinding of the clay. Argiletz offers different clay granulometry to meet all your needs.

Melting time: Instant.
It is ideal for making face and hair masks. It can be added to the bath water.

Melting time: Instant.
It is ideal for making face and hair masks. It can be added to the bath water.

Fine MOULUE ARGILE (small grains from 0.05mm to 0.5mm)
Melting time: Instant as long as you stir from time to time.
It is ideal for making cataplasms and plasters.

THE GRANULÉE ARGILE (0.5mm grains)
Melting time: About 30 minutes.
It is ideal for making cataplasms and plasters.

Melting time: 2 hours minimum. We advise you to prepare your dough in the morning for the evening.
It is ideal for making cataplasms and plasters.

How do I use clay?

1. Clay should never dry on the skin. To be active, the clay must remain moist, so do not hesitate to moisten your mask or cataplasm when laying.

2. Prepare the clay in earthen or glass containers and mix with a wooden spatula. Avoid metal and plastic that can impair its effectiveness.

3. Once applied to the skin, the clay cannot be reused. Discard pasta, strips and other clay treatments after use.

4. Prefer sun-dried clay: this drying mode concentrates the properties of the clay and makes it more active.

Green clay illite can be used in argiltherapy and cosmetic care.
You can use this clay in plaster, cataplasms, hair masks, faces and clay bath. There are two options: take the clay powder to make your own preparation. Either use our pasta and ready-to-use care.

Yellow, white, pink, red, ghassoul clays are to be used in cosmetic care. They can be used as hair masks, faces or a clay bath.
As with green clay you can choose them either in powder to make your own preparations or in a ready-to-use mask.

For a cataplasm or plaster:
It is advisable to perform a cataplasm once a day during the period when the discomfort is felt, and then continue for another week.

For beauty masks:
Beauty masks with natural clay, regardless of the color of the clay are recommended at least once a week. But you can make them at your leisure, as you wish.

No, I don’t!
When clay meets water, it takes on new life. To benefit from its absorbent action and minerals, it must remain moist. If it dries, the clay only continues its absorbent action and may dry out the epidermis in the long run.

To use clay correctly and benefit from all its virtues it is therefore necessary to systematically apply the clay in a thick layer and re-wet as much as necessary during the installation.
To re-humidify, you can use a wet sponge, a water spray, your wet fingers…

If you make a face mask, you can also re-wet with floral water, to multiply the benefits!

Don’t panic!
You use a water spray, floral water, a wet sponge or wet fingers to re-wet your mask, plaster or cataplasm.

Once you have chosen clay color and granulometry, use is simple:

1. Pour the desired amount of powdered clay into a earth or glass container.

2. Cover with water (2cm).

3. Mix with a wooden spoon.

4. Let the mixture rest for the time of melting indicated on the pouch (depends on the granulometry of the clay).

5. Mix to make a smooth, creamy dough.

Make a clay paste or use a ready-to-use clay.

Apply the clay directly to the skin in a thick layer of 1 to 2 cm.
If the skin is damaged or very sensitive, you can apply the mixture with a fine cloth :d lay the clay 2 cm thick in the center of the linen, fold the 4 corners and apply the plaster directly to the desired place.

Leave it in place for 1 to 2 hours. During laying, the clay should not dry, rehumidify if necessary with a water spray or a damp cloth.

Gently remove as much clay as possible, discard it and rinse the skin with lukewarm water.

To provide lasting relief, it is advisable to perform a cataplasm once a day during the period when the discomfort is felt, and then to continue for another week.

Pour a tablespoon of clay of the color of your choice (pink clay, green clay, red, white, yellow, ghassoul) into a cup

Gently dilute with a little mineral water, floral water or fruit juice

Stir as you go to make a creamy paste.

Apply the preparation to the face, neck and décolleté in a thick layer, avoiding the eye area. You can also apply the preparation to the hair, the roots and/or the entire length depending on your needs.

Leave on for 10 minutes.

The mask should not dry on your face. If the dry clay rehumidulate it with a spray of water or floral water, for example

Rinse thoroughly with clear water and gently dry your skin.

Then apply your day cream to Argiletz pink clay from the Sublime Clay range.

Plus: These masks can also be applied to the hair and body!

Argiletz products

No, we use exclusively natural and/or certifiable organic ingredients. Controversial ingredients are banned from our formulas at all times.

Only plant ingredients from organic farming can be certified “organic.”

As you can imagine, clay does not grow in fields. 🙂
Our Argiletz clays, whether powdered or ready-to-use, are not certifiable as they are not from agriculture (conventional or organic) and we do not add any preservatives or other ingredients.

The clays in paste and powder that we offer are 100% pure and have been since 1953!

Since our creation in 1953, we have been committed to an animal ethic and have chosen to offer guaranteed products “humane”!

Our shower gels, shampoos and dishwashing liquid contain a high amount of Clay.
These clays, in addition to their various virtues for the body and hair, also have amazing and very gentle absorbent and cleansing properties.

Whether it is green, pink, orange, yellow or white, the clay has a high density, which is why it falls back to the bottom of the vials.

We could add an ingredient to stabilize the product and make the clay not out of phase, but we don’t want to add an ingredient unless it has a definite benefit to you.

This shift does not affect the quality of the product. We simply recommend that you shake your product well before each use, in order to benefit from all the properties of the ingredients of your product!

The Textilit® range was born from a unique patented process, requiring more than 20 years of research.
It was created by Argiletz Laboratories to facilitate the use of clay and make it accessible to a greater number of people.

It is a strip of 100% plant and French cellulose on which we spray a thin layer of natural clay.

Our patented technology is so effective that with a thin layer of clay, we can create cataplasms, clay protections and ready-to-use fabric masks, as effective as if you made them yourself!

The advantage is certain: the Textilit® is 100% biodegradable, water efficient, less messy.
It also allows for simpler and faster use of clay to benefit your body from all the benefits of this beneficent land.

Like the rest of the Textilit® range (bands, sheets and clay booklets), Textilit® face masks apply as follows:

1. Apply the mask to the face, the active face against the skin (darkest face)

2. Moisten with a water spray or a damp sponge.

3. Leave on for 10 minutes without allowing to dry and re-light if necessary.

4. Remove the mask and rinse the face with clear water.

5. Apply Argiletz cream by day or night sublime Clay.

Warning: Masks are single-use.

To use clay strips and Textilit clay sheets®, it’s easy!

1. Cut the strip so that you can place 3 layers of tape on the area to be treated.

2. Place the strip and wrap it on the desired part, the active side placed towards the skin (green face).

3. Moisten the strip with a sponge or water spray.

4. Keep the tape in place for 1 to 2 hours, without letting it dry. If the tape dries, rehumidify it.

5. Repeat the operation two to three times a day.

Warning: The tapes are single-use.

1. Soak the Argiletz green clay cushion in cold or lukewarm water for 5 minutes.

2. Drain for a few moments.

3. Apply to the desired part, face white against the skin.

4. Hold the cushion with a strip or cloth, without tightening too much.

5. Keep in place for at least 1 hour.

6. Repeat the operation 2 to 3 times a day.

The cushions are single-use.

You can keep your Argiletz products at room temperature, away from the light.

You can also before using loose or powdered clay put it in the sun to energize its properties.

On our clay tubes:
At the top of the tube ring, you will find the minimum durability date of the product (or DDM) which corresponds to the last 4 month/year numbers (MM/AA)

On our bags, jars, strips, cushions, toothpastes, home products: the date appears on the product, preceded by the words “DDM: MM/AA”

Our cosmetics and hygiene products can be stored for more than 30 months. For these, you will find on an OAP (Period After Opening) marked by a pictogram representing an open pot. It is here that the shelf life (months) of the product is indicated after its first opening.

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