Washable cottons are invited to Argiletz!

Washable cottons are invited to Argiletz

The year 2021 is full of surprises at Argiletz. After the announcement of our ecological bamboo toothbrushes, here is the arrival of another novelty. In the zero waste family… here is the presentation of the new washable and reusable makeup remover cottons!  

Ecological and sustainable make-up remover cottons

Our kit of 7 washable cotton pads is designed to respect your skin and our beautiful planet. They are made from organic, environmentally friendly, GOTS & Oeko-tex certified cotton. They thus offer perfect traceability from the production field to your bathroom. 

Our reusable cottons ensure a complete and gentle makeup removal thanks to their two sides. The first, in “pilou”, is ideal for applying thick textures such as our cleansing milk. The second, with its small curls, adapts perfectly to more fluid textures such as lotion or floral water. 

Our cottons can be machine washed a hundred times. Enough to keep them for a while in your bathroom. In order to protect them and 

 keep them all together after washing, they are sold with their mesh pouch. 

Why use washable cotton pads?

On average, a French person consumes about 6 cottons a day for facial hygiene and makeup removal. If we do the math, that’s 2100 cottons a year that end up in our landfills. A figure that makes you dizzy! 

Worse still: even if cotton is a natural material that seems difficult to do without, it is not a very ecological material. The production of a single 1 kilo of cotton requires up to 20,000 liters of water. 

Not to mention the controversial substances used to bleach cotton used to make disposable makeup remover discs… 

Washable cotton offers many advantages. First of all, it is free of any plastic packaging and does not throw itself away right after removing your makeup. It therefore represents little amount of waste to 

 short, medium and long term but also less production of raw material. 

Finally, our washable cottons are made in France, 100% organic, unbleached and are extremely effective. Coupled with our makeup remover 

composed of pink clay as well as our organic floral waters, makeup removal has never been so pleasant!