Green clay and its many powers

Argile verte soin pour la peau et les veux Argiletz

Green clay is undoubtedly the best-known and most active of all clays! Thanks to its many natural properties, it is sure to be given pride of place in your beauty routine!

Taking care of your body, face and hair with 100% natural volcanic rock that has amazing virtues. Aren’t you tempted by that idea? Focus on this clay and its many powers!

Distinction between illite clay and montmorillonite

You should know that there are many varieties of green clay and especially illite and montmorillonite which are the most well-known clays, but there are also smectites of sepiolites (which are used for litter) and kaolinite.

Green illite clay

This clay has been used since the dawn of time. Already Pliny the elder describes the clay used in therapy in this way: it has the color of budding wheat. For more than 50 years this clay has been extracted on the same quarry.

Transported to the company by truck, dried in the sun and then stored in the shelter under a shed to guarantee all its qualities.

It is then ground into various granulometry, its effectiveness for more than 65 years is no longer to be demonstrated today, rich in oliogo-elements, élémentsmineral salts like calcium or magnesium,green clay illite allows use in many cosmetic applications.

Argiletz laboratories are the only ones that dry their clay in the sun and certifiguarantee you quality by setting the highest standards “ISO 9001 AND 22716” for more than 10 years.

Montmorillonite green clay

Comparable to green clay illite, but much more water-intensive,this clay absorbs 10 or 50 times its volume in water.

Its electrical receptivity is much lower, which does not allow very fast ion exchange as for illite. It also applies in cosmetic.étique

Even if they do not have the same name,their properties are very similar!

Green clay for what type of skin?

Although it is suitable for all skin types,it is mainly recommended for oily skin! Indeed, it will help to fight deep against imperfections,and while purifying the skin, it will dry out the pimples, absorbingthe excess sebum. If you have acne-proneskin, feel free to make green clay masks.

The multiple virtues of green clay for the skin

Naturally rich in minerals,it is a real source of benefits for our body and your face.


Thanks to it, the wounds repair at high speed V while softening the skin and absorbing the wrong toxins! Pretty good, isn’t it?


Making a green clay cure helps the blood cleanse and purify itself! After 1 month of treatment, your blood cells will have increased!

Fighting germs

Green clay helps fight the proliferation of microbes and bacteria in the body! It will also allow your cells to rebuild!

Relieving ailments

By letting green clay melt on your tongue,you will be able to fight against the winter ailments and the ills of everyday life!

As incredible as it sounds, it can relieve a cold, angina and fight fatigue!

Don’t hesitate to put clay in your bath to relieve your heavy legs or varicose veins! It can only do you good!

A beauty mask of choice

Both softening and invigorating,clay is ideal to apply to the face,in the form of a mask. Thanks to its absorbent action,it will make the impurities disappear, while making you look radiant and a radiant complexion!

What about the hair?

In addition to being used on the body and face,green clay is also ideal for taking care of your hair!

By using it as a hair mask, it helps regulate the production of sebum from oilyhair. And that’s not all, it will also succeed in revitalizing them and giving them sparkle!