Bamboo toothbrushes: the novelty that does good to your mouth

Bamboo toothbrushes the novelty that does good to your mouth

The year 2021 begins under the sign of novelty at   Argiletz: ecological toothbrushes arrive in the zero waste family. Trendy, useful, effective and above all respectful of your mouth and our beautiful planet, our all-new bamboo toothbrushes integrate our range of green oral care. We tell you all about this new essential bathroom   product!

The bamboo toothbrush by Argiletz

To take care of yourself and pamper your teeth, what could be better than an ecological toothbrush to accompany our healthy toothpastes, without fluoride or titanium dioxide?

More than just a toothbrush, we have chosen responsible   and unnecessary materials:

  • A biodegradable bamboo handle
  • Gum-soft and recyclable hair
  • A box made of 100% biodegradable kraft paper

In order to go further and for ecological reasons, we have chosen to engrave our brand on the handle rather than print it. I don’t know   why. It is a more ecological and less polluting process.

Why use a bamboo toothbrush?

Very often made from several plastics, “classic” toothbrushes are among the objects in   the bathroom that cannot be   recycled. Every year, about 1400 tons of toothbrushes end up in our garbage dumps. A colossal amount that has a harmful impact on our beautiful planet…

The bamboo toothbrush has many advantages   and is gaining more and more followers. First of all, bamboo is a natural material that has a low impact on the   environment: it grows very easily, requires little water and is very resistant.

This 100% biodegradable ecological wood also has a quality that makes all the   difference: it is bacteriostatic, that is to say that it limits the proliferation of bacteria. Ideal in a bathroom where the humidity is often higher than in the rest of the house.

As you will have understood, the ecological bamboo toothbrush is an essential that will take care of your mouth while preserving our planet. Fall for its exotic design and combine it with our clay toothpastes for a 100% responsible   care!