Organic Calophyllum vegetable Oil*

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Calophyll oil, also called tamanu oil, is a precious oil with toning, softening, restorative and antioxidant properties that make it ideal for problem skin (oily, rosacea, imperfections …).

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Calophyll oil, also called tamanu oil, is a precious oil full of virtue for the skin and hair. It is known to have toning, softening, restorative and antioxidant properties that make it ideal for problem skin (oily, rosacea, prone to imperfections…) or as a hair care.

The calophyllum, or tamanu, is a tree originally found in Southeast Asia and Polynesia. From its fruit, the seeds are extracted which, once cold pressed, create the famous Calophyll oil or Tamanu oil. Calophyll oil has long been used in the islands of the Pacific and Indian Ocean for its many virtues that make it one of the most therapeutically powerful oils. At the same time invigorating, restorative, purifying and calming, its uses are numerous!

To purify problem skin

Tamanu oil is particularly indicated for oily or imperfect skin. Thanks to its purifying, restorative and regenerating properties, it helps to fight against imperfections of all kinds and allows you to find a clearer skin.

To calm irritated or rosacea skin

Thanks to the presence in its composition of active ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, calophyll oil helps to calm and soothe fragile, irritated, rosacea skin, prone to redness or flaking. Its toning action also activates microcirculation and reduces facial redness.

To soothe irritated, dandruff scalps

Calophyll oil is an ideal treatment for irritated scalps or scalps with dandruff problems. Its calming and restorative properties make it an ingredient of choice. Thanks to its toning action, it also helps prevent hair loss.

What uses?

Our organic calophyll vegetable oil can be used in different ways:

  • As a restorative care, anti-redness, rosacea, acne, anti-aging
  • As a stretch mark, anti-cellulite, joint care
  • As a purifying and toning oil for skin and hair
  • As a massage oil
  • As an anti “heavy legs” treatment

Our recipe ideas

  • Green clay anti-blemish mask : Mix 2 tablespoons of green clay and 1 tablespoon of lavender floral water. Add 1/4 teaspoon of calophyll oil to get the desired consistency and creaminess. Apply in a thick layer on the face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10 minutes without letting it dry and then rinse with clear water.
  • Roll-on SOS buttons : Mix 3 drops of tea tree essential oil and 10 ml of calophyll oil in a roll-on bottle. Apply and massage using the ball directly on the area.
  • Scar oil : Mix 3 drops of helichrysum essential oil, 5 ml of calophyll oil and 5 ml of rosehip oil. Use the massage oil mixture directly on the affected area.

The characteristics of this oil:

Appearance: Oily liquid
Color: Yellow to dark green
Smell: Characteristic

Its composition:

Calophyllum innophyllum L.

Cold-pressed organic calophyllum botanical oil, and that’s it!

Organic calophyll oil combines perfectly with:

Essentiels pour peau purifiée

Precautions of use:

Avoid application in children under 3 years of age. External use. Keep the bottle closed and away from light and heat.

*COSMOS BIOSMETIC, certified by Ecocert according to the COSMOS repository

What are the simple ones?

“Simple” means medicinal plants. This is what we called these beneficent plants in the Middle Ages.
Simple, this is also how we imagined this range of aromatherapy: the best of plants, in complete transparency. Extracts of beneficial plants easy to use to reconnect you to the generosity of nature.
A 100% GREEN and 100% CLEAN experience

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BIO by ECOCERT COSMOS (organic cosmetics)

Harvest mode


Culture mode

Certified GMO-free cultivation

Distilled part

Wild plants

Cold pressed oil



50 ml net (1.76 oz)


* Ingredients from organic farming
100% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

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Organic Calophyllum vegetable Oil*

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