Organic Arnica Oily Macerate*

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Arnica oil is a powerful active ingredient known for its natural anti-inflammatory action. A true ally of athletes, arnica is the ideal plant for muscle tension, badaboums, blows and small bumps.

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Arnica oil is a powerful active ingredient known for its natural anti-inflammatory action. A true ally of athletes, arnica is the ideal plant for muscle tension of all kinds, badaboums, blows and small bumps.

Arnica oil, or arnica macerate, has soothing, anti-inflammatory and softening properties, ideal for relieving muscles after intense exertion. Applied locally or used as a massage base, it also relieves blows, bruises and small bumps of everyday life.

Our organic arnica macerate is composed of at least 10% fresh plants macerated in organic sunflower oil and is naturally rich in fatty acids.

To relieve sore muscles

Particularly indicated in case of aches or pains or after intense exertion, arnica oil works wonders when it comes to relieving muscles and soothing aches.

To relieve everyday problems

Arnica oil has a powerful anti-inflammatory action that makes it ideal for relieving and preventing bumps and bruises. Thanks to its restorative properties, it also helps with cell renewal and healing of small bobos.

What uses?

Our oily macerate of organic arnica can be used in different ways:

  • In local application for muscle preparation and recovery
  • As an anti-body aches and pains
  • To promote the healing of bobos
  • As a care against heavy legs
  • As a massage oil (it is also the massage oil par excellence!)

Our recipe ideas

  • Preventive potion against bruises and bumps : Mix 3 drops of helichrysum essential oil in 10 ml of oily arnica macerate. Massage locally. Do not apply to an open or live wound.
  • Anti-body care : Mix 2 drops of wintergreen essential oil lying in 10 ml of oily arnica macerate. Apply by massaging after exercise to avoid the appearance of aches. You can also apply this mixture in case of existing aches and pains.
  • Heavy anti-leg care : Mix 15 ml of calophyll oil, 15 ml of oily arnica macerate and 9 drops of lemon essential oil. Massage your legs from bottom to top to promote venous return.

The characteristics of this oil:

Appearance: Oily liquid
Color: Yellow to orange yellow
Smell: Oily

Its composition:

Helianthus annuus L./ Arnica montana L.

Organic Arnica Montana flowers delicately macerated in an organic sunflower botanical oil and that’s it!

Organic arnica oil combines perfectly with:


Precautions of use:

Avoid application in children under 3 years of age. Do not apply in pregnant or lactating women. External use. Keep the bottle closed and away from light and heat.

*COSMOS BIOSMETIC, certified by Ecocert according to the COSMOS repository

What are the simple ones?

“Simple” means medicinal plants. This is what we called these beneficent plants in the Middle Ages.
Simple, this is also how we imagined this range of aromatherapy: the best of plants, in complete transparency. Extracts of beneficial plants easy to use to reconnect you to the generosity of nature.
A 100% GREEN and 100% CLEAN experience.

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BIO by ECOCERT COSMOS (organic cosmetics)

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* Ingredients from organic farming
100% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

Organic Arnica Oily Macerate*

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