Argiletz support…

Committed with passion, Argiletz is involved every day for the respect of man, Nature and animals. More than words, we actively support actors from the world of tomorrow, committed to the field.

The human at the heart of Argiletz

Our history takes root in respect for Man,through a clay that takes care, comforts and protects. All these years, we have followed this red thread that the mother of our founder Jean Heitz has passed on to us: clay is a gesture of love, which does good and transmits the best it has.

We attach great importance to the well-being of the men and women who make up our teams of experts and enthusiasts. That’s why we are committed to providing a pleasant working environment where it’s good to live and where respect is a shared value. The people who make up Argiletz are our pride: it is thanks to them that we are here today! We advocate a strong team spirit, which requires listening and benevolence.

Argiletz, a French SME on a human scale, proud of those who think, create and carry our products loud and clear.

Child protection

Today’s children are the adults of tomorrow, which is why Argiletz is committed to the association L’ENFANCE AU CUR, in accordance with its values based on respect and love of Nature. With this support, we support our commitment to action every day for the well-being and health of people.

Who is Childhood at heart?

ENFANCE AT CUR is a field association that has been working for several years on issues related to child protection.

“The way the child is treated in childhood determines the adult he or she will become”

Composed of a team of professionals and enthusiasts of the Cause with diverse skills, it acts alongside the minor whose protection it provides through legal and judicial assistance, information and communication on its fundamental rights as well as the optimization of the collection of the child’s speech in all proceedings concerning it.

More broadly, Children at heart wants to protect, accompany, make heard and inform on all subjects related to child protection, including the danger of the Internet.

Because childhood is a right… Argiletz wants to fight the most just: the love and protection of our most precious possessions, those generated by the earth and those fathered by mothers. We are convinced that nature and childhood combine with the future.

Protecting the environment

At Argiletz, respect for the environment and biodiversity is a strong value that we carry on a daily basis. In addition to the actions we have put in place every day (reuse of rainwater, recycling of our waste, natural drying of our clay in the sun, more respectful packaging…), we are committed to the planet and reforestation alongside Reforest’Action, with whom we contribute to our small scale to beset the planet.

Who is Reforest’Action?

Created in 2010, Reforest’Action is a social enterprise, based on a participatory model, which works every day for the protection of forests, in France and around the world. Its vocation: to raise awareness and act for forests through a participatory platform.

Because the protection of the environment concerns us all, Reforest’Action was committed to proposing a major project where everyone can take concrete action and contribute their stone to the building. Thus, individuals and professionals can finance one or more trees online and Reforest’Action is responsible for planting them in the field!

Reforest’Action is committed to protecting and promoting biodiversity. To do this, it ensures multi-species planting projects, adapted to the local ecosystem, which can take different forms depending on the region: agroforestry, afforestation, assisted natural regeneration…

Since 2010, more than 7.4 million trees have been planted worldwide!

Respect for the living: for an animal ethic

Argiletz is a humane SME committed to an animal ethic. If since 2013 a European directive formally prohibits animal testing of cosmetic products, we have not waited for this decision to commit ourselves to respect all living things, whatever they may be.

Since our inception in 1953, we have been committed to an animal ethic and have chosen to offer “Humane-free” guaranteed products! Choosing Argiletz products means turning to products that are more responsible, natural and animal-friendly, from their development to their manufacture.