Organic Lemon Zest Essential oil**


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Organic lemon zest essential oil is purifying, fortifying and energizing, ideal for diffusion to clean the air or to boost immune defenses. It would also be of great help in case of diet, cellulite, water retention or to facilitate digestion.

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Organic lemon zest essential oil is purifying, fortifying and energizing, ideal for diffusion to clean the air or to boost immune defenses. It would also be of great help in case of diet, cellulite, water retention or to facilitate digestion.

Lemon peel essential oil is believed to have an Asian origin, more precisely from the cashmere region, on the borders of China and India. Resulting from the cross between bitter orange and citron, the lemon tree is a hybrid tree that is now grown in subtropical Mediterranean climates.

In the lemon everything is good! Grown under the gentle warmth of the Italian sun, the lemons that make up our essential oil are of unparalleled quality. Once the juice is extracted, we press the fresh zest to obtain this essential oil, 100% pure and natural. Well known in the world of aromatherapy, the uses of lemon essential oil are multiple.

To clean the air

Organic lemon zest essential oil is particularly appreciated in diffusion in order to purify and sanitize the atmosphere. It would be both antiseptic and antibacterial, to fight against everyday microbes. Its delicate tart notes also leave a sweet fruity scent, both revitalizing and tonic.

To stimulate immune defenses

Thanks to its fortifying and energizing action, lemon zest essential oil is an ally to boost the body. It would help to strengthen the digestive system by its depurative action and would have antioxidant properties.

To facilitate slimming and fight against cellulite

Organic lemon zest essential oil is known for its diuretic action. It would help with fat destocking, drainage and elimination through the urinary tract. It is recommended in case of diet or detox.

To combat nausea and motion sickness

A natural antispasmodic, lemon EO is said to help fight nausea, motion sickness, difficult digestion and vomiting.

To purify problem skin

Thanks to its purifying and tonic action, lemon zest essential oil can be applied to oily skin or oily hair to regulate excess sebum. Be careful, however, this essential oil is powerful, irritating in its pure state and extremely photosensitizing. It is recommended to apply it to the skin occasionally, diluted to 10%, in the evening or during the day but without sun exposure within 6 hours of application

Our recipe ideas

  • Oral hygiene : apply 1 drop directly to the toothpaste to combat bad breath and small oral injuries.
  • Motion sickness : Breathe deeply 3 to 4 times the bottle of essential oil.
  • Perfume the food : a drop of essential oil in a plain yogurt or in your cake dough or shortbread dough to flavor everything, naturally.
  • Used in diffusion to perfume the house : in a cup, pour powdered clay and then add a few drops of the essential oil

The characteristics of this oil:

Appearance: Clear mobile liquid. Possible natural deposit
Color: Light yellow to greenish yellow
Smell: Fresh, pleasant, sweet, zesty

Its composition:

Citrus silt (L.) Osbeck

Organic lemon zest essential oil and that’s it!



1 to 2 drops to be deposited on a neutral support (sugar, honey, bread crumb).



Be careful, lemon peel essential oil is photo sensitizing, do not use before exposure to the sun ! Irritating, always use diluted to 10% (1 ml* of lemon essential oil zest in 9 ml of vegetable oil).

In broadcast

For adults and children over 6 years of age: 5 to 10 drops in an atmospheric diffuser respecting the limit of diffusion (often 1/4 hour).

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product cannot replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep children out of reach. Keep the bottle closed in a cool place and away from the light. Do not use in children under 6 years of age and pregnant or lactating women.

Seek the advice of a health professional before using this product.


What are the simple ones?

“Simple” means medicinal plants. This is what we called these beneficent plants in the Middle Ages.
Simple, this is also how we imagined this range of aromatherapy: the best of plants, in complete transparency. Extracts of beneficial plants easy to use to reconnect you to the generosity of nature.
A 100% GREEN and 100% CLEAN experience

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100% pure and natural


AB (organic farming)

Harvest mode


Culture mode

Certified non-GMO crop

Distilled part

Fresh pericarp (zest)

Distillation process

Cold expression


10 ml net (0.33 oz)


Chemotype: Limonene (60.0% – 68.0%) – Beta Pinene (10.0% – 16.5%)

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Organic Lemon Zest Essential oil**

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