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In the heart of clay

The earth connects all peoples, it is our most precious common good. Among his generous gifts, essential to life: fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants…

The earth also offers us clay, the fruit of 4 billion years of sedimentation of rocks.

SOSSULVEI, clay desert, the natural jewel of the country

Our team flew to make you discover the wonderful clay landscapes that despite their different colors form an impressive unity. Red clay, predominant, blends with yellow clay, white clay and green clay, which forms a real sea of clay!

These clay dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see, meet the ocean… Namibia is the only place in the world where this unlikely encounter between the ocean and the desert is possible.

Namibia: mythical clay land

Paysages Namibie
Paysages Namibie

The Himbas with clay-covered skin

For some peoples, especially in the so-called “traditional” countries, the link between the earth and man is manifested by respect for nature, which they recognize as a beneficial source, like a loving mother. In Namibia, the red agile has been a real wealth for the Namibian people for thousands of years.

The Himba people are known and admired for preserving their ancestral way of life to this day. Since the dawn of time, Himba women have been smearing themselves with red clay on their bodies and hair. It is a cultural tradition that is both aesthetic and protective.

The connection to the land manifests itself in this way, the clay beautifies women while taking care of their skin in an arid desert. Be careful, they only coat their hair with clay after being married!
It is the red clay combined with animal fat that gives Himba women in Namibia their beautiful red complexion. It is also clay that allows them to better protect themselves from the sun, drought and insects.

Mystical journey

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Red clay, a nourishing and protective treatment that illuminates the skin

Red clay is very rich in minerals and trace elements including iron, zinc, silicon. It illuminates the face, and restores radiance to dull complexions.

It also has antioxidant qualities thanks to its silicon composition. Red clay is particularly recommended for dry skin and/or skin lacking radiance.

Land of beauty

Himbas argile rouge Namibie

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