Les Simples: the new range of aromatherapy by Argiletz


In this month of June 2021, a great novelty arrives in the Argiletz family. The whole team has worked hard and   has put all its heart to offer you these new products that complete the range of clay products and that are…. Drum rolls…

We are pleased to introduce you to our brand new range of vegetable oils, essential oils and floral waters entitled   “Les   Simples”, a range in line with our values and our approach to beauty and natural care.

Why The Simple?

The name of this new range of products has its origin in the Middle Ages, a time when medicinal plants were commonly called   “The   Simple”. This term seemed obvious to us.

Since our creation in 1953, we have made the choice to offer you the best of nature, authentic products and without superfluous. Our new range of aromatherapy follows this logic. We want to get to the point, in all transparency, through noble products, from plants rigorously selected for their proven benefits. What could be better than a name symbolizing a return to the sources   rich in meaning? The name   “The   Simple” is all   found!

Aromatherapy complementary to clay

If clay remains the very first product to have made Argiletz a brand committed to natural beauty,our approach to an ever greener and more responsible transition today goes much further.

The clay and plants used for our aromatherapy range are both from Nature. They have properties of their own which, combined, offer a condensed of virtues. In the world of green cosmetics, vegetable oils, essential oils and floral waters are widely used: they guarantee eco-responsible care, respectful of the skin, hair and our beautiful planet.

Essential oils

As powerful as they are effective, our essential oils are pure, they are derived from and extracted from ORGANIC plants and are certified by Ecocert and AB. Essential oils are ingredients of choice in   aromatherapy: in diffusion, orally or by application, there are a multitude of possibilities. Discover without further delay our range of essential oils.

Vegetable oils

Our vegetable oils are natural and ORGANIC, ECOCERT certified and delicately cold pressed,to guarantee you preserved virtues. Sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, arnica oily macerate… their use is multiple!

To be applied as is or combined with other natural ingredients such as clay, the possibilities are multiple. Find all our vegetable oils here.

Floral waters

Our floral waters are 100% natural and ORGANIC. Anti-oxidant, soothing, softening… floral waters have many properties. Vaporized or in local application, they can be used in many “homemade” preparations and     cosmetics. Find all our floral waters here.

You will have understood, it is not less than 19 products that come to join the Argiletz family, for natural and always more committed   care!

Need advice on the use of an essential oil, a vegetable oil or a floral   water? Do not miss our section dedicated to accompany you in the use of these products.