Escape to Lake Tuz


Rediscover green clay

Green clay is the most powerful clay. It is natural, pure, sweet and effective…

After nearly 70 years of know-how and sharing, we now want to highlight this multifaceted clay, this clay of heart that has fascinated us since 1953.

Why green clay?

Green clay is the very first clay to have been marketed by Argiletz.

It is part of our history and its meaning is precious to us: the mother of our founder Jean HEITZ decided to use this clay to care for the resistance fighters wounded during the Second World War.

A gesture from the heart to take care of those in need thanks to a noble and pure material.

As a return to the roots, we now want to give green clay the place it deserves and make you (re)discover it through breathtaking images.

Green clay in the spotlight

Textures argile verte Campagne
Argile verte marnes noires

In the heart of the mountains

Our green clay is 100% French, from our mother Nature with the utmost respect for the material. We want it pure, raw and without superfluous. What could be better than to highlight it in a preserved French landscape, in its image?

Through this campaign, we invite you to live a total immersion, an experience combining adventure, emotion and escape in the pure sense.

We take you with us in a breathtaking landscape: the Black Marnes de l’Adret de l’Escure, located in the south of France and more precisely in Digne-les-Bains.

Composed of clay and limestone, the black marls offer a rich relief and history, giving way to escape and change of scenery.

Go on an adventure through these hills that have been rekindled and worked by a thousand-year-old erosion. Let yourself be guided and enjoy the Argiletz experience!

Escape to Lake Tuz

argile verte Rebecca Benhamour

Follow us in clay

During this shoot, we had the pleasure of following the sublime Rebecca Benhamour, a French actress with natural talent, best known for her role in “Here everything begins” where she plays Celia, but also for her appearances in many modern TV programs and series.

In this campaign, Rebecca Benhamour immerses herself in a world full of mystery, in the heart of nature as beautiful as it is wild.

Between Earth and Heaven

Dressed in a compass, walking shoes and a backpack, she sets out on a decided adventure and walks the hills of black marls in search of a lost treasure.

All the elements are brought together to offer you a total immersion experience. From the steep floors to the gentle sound of water oozing through the thousand-thousand-year-old rock, all the senses are awake.

You have to experience green clay on the skin to know all the sensations. At the same time sweet and powerful, we wanted to transcribe these sensations.

An extraordinary adventure

Rebecca Benhamour : campagne argile verte

Products in the spotlight

Naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, green clay works wonders on every skin type, especially on oily skin. Clay is a gesture of love that is passed down from generation to generation at Argiletz: to invigorate the joints, soften the small accidents of life, clean the air, purify the complexion, make your skin smile and make your skin live!

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