Red clay in the spotlight


Red clay: land of history

Ancestral care, red clay is a land of benefits from our mother Nature. Rich in ferric oxide, from which it draws its color of fire, red clay has a thousand and one virtues that make it unavoidable.

At the same time sweet and powerful, rich and authentic, we want to put it in the spotlight and make you (re)discover it through a history rich in meaning.

Direction Jordan

It was in Jordan that we decided to shoot our Summer campaign and more precisely in the Wadi-Rum Valley, known for its idyllic landscapes.

Listed as a World Heritage Site since 2011, the Wadi-Rum Valley offers authentic and preserved scenery, composed of stretches of sand, cliffs and natural arches tinged with red. A landscape out of time, like our delicate red clay.

Red clay in the spotlight


In the footsteps of Cleopatra

Red clay has a rich history of meaning that dates back to the time of ancient Egypt. It has been appreciated for millennia for its many properties, whether for the skin or for the hair.

The first woman to be seduced by this colored clay is Cleopatra, the famous queen of Egypt. She had made this natural earth a favorite ingredient and used it for the manufacture of her care balms.

Through this “summer” campaign entitled “Journey in the land of fire”, we invite you to leave in the footsteps of Cleopatra in a breathtaking setting, made of sand and red rock.

Mystical journey


Escape in search of meaning

In a raw and wild landscape, with shades of red, we follow the ascent of Cleopatra. Embodied to perfection by the sublime Anissa Bakhti, of natural and captivating beauty, the famous Queen of Egypt walks slowly and majestically through the sand dunes and steep cliffs.

Her body marries a long yellow dress, Egyptian bracelets decorate her arms and hieroglyphs are inscribed on her body. Their meaning: red clay.

Carried by a wind of red dust, she arrives at the top of the valley and sees, in front of her, a large Egyptian vase. As an obvious fact, she decides to take a handful of clay to the ground and deposit it in the vase, like a precious jewel.

Through this campaign, we are immersed in a mysterious atmosphere, a real call to the senses mixing textures and sounds for a total immersion. The grains of sand that mingle, the clouds of clay carried by the wind, a play of shadow and light, the soft sound of the wind, we wanted to introduce you to the red clay through a whole new experience.

Mystical Journey


Products in the spotlight

Rich in minerals and trace elements, red clay is a real land of beauty. It is ideal for dry skin but also for skin lacking shine on which it will act naturally. It cleans, softens and is a real complexion revealer.

Did you know that? Pink clay is a subtle blend of white clay and… of red clay! It has all the properties of red clay and is perfect for sensitive and reactive skin.

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