Summer 2021 campaign: red clay in the spotlight

red clay campaign

A natural treatment that has been appreciated for millennia, red clay has a rich and intense history. After our winter campaign ” Between earth and sky ” on white clay and ” Journey to clay   earth» on green clay, we wanted to honor red clay, a land of fire with a thousand and one virtues.

Red clay: a land of benefits

Incredibly rich in iron oxide, from which it draws its fiery color, red clay has a thousand and one virtues that make it unavoidable. It is ideal for dry skin, lacking radiance, which it will soften and on which it will have a real   “good   look” effect. It is also perfect for britt and dull hair.

Red clay, an ancestral care. But do you really know her?

Through majestic decorations tinged with red, we invite you to follow in the footsteps of the famous Cleopatra,Queen of Egypt, embodied by the sublime Anissa Bakhti with her bewry beauty.

Why   Cleopatra? She is the first woman to have been completely seduced by red clay, which she used in her care balms.

Let's go to Jordan!

We give you an appointment in the Wadi Rum Valley, Jordan, a desert landscape shaped by history.

Listed as a World Heritage Site since 2011, the Wadi Rum Valley offers authentic and unspoilt landscapes, consisting of stretches of sand, cliffs and natural arches tinged with red. An idyllic setting, perfect to highlight our delicate red clay.

Play of light, matter and sounds, escape and let yourself be carried away by this mystical   journey!

Find more information about our campaign as well as the full film here.