Drying in the sun


An ancestral know-how

Mr. Jean Heitz arrived from Jura in 1953, he began working with Mr. and Mrs. Gallon; together they visited all the health food stores to teach them what green clay was.

At that time, Mr. Heitz was laying the clay with a shovel on a drying area, it was with a wheelbarrow that he returned the clay dried in the sun. For him, no vacation, no Sunday, the clay was laid every day for the winter stock.

The slightest slap was a disaster, it was necessary to do fast to shovel the clay even if it was half dry. When the clay was wet, he could only wait for it to dry again, as the drying area became a real ice rink.

A modernized technique

Today clay has grown considerably, the work has evolved, the craft technique is more elaborate. The clay is applied on 2500m2 slabs, the clay dries in the sun naturally, then it is collected, stored in sheds sheltered from the weather.

Argiletz has always dried his clay in the sun, the oven is to be banished for this land. The ovens cook the clay, “it is fried” even in an oven where the temperature reaches 40oC, this heat deteriorates the molecules of the clay, it will no longer have the same absorption properties.

Be careful though

Washing clay soil removes a quantity of mineral salts and is only used to remove the sand that some clays contain.

You should never use a picked clay and should not use clay purchased from a potter (for your therapeutic treatments). When absorbing, you risk facing serious problems.

You will find a clay that meets your standards and needs in all health shops or pharmacies. It will give you complete satisfaction.