Escape to Lake Tuz

Escape to Lake Tuz

During 2 days of filming, the Argiletz team had the opportunity to live a unique experience, in a magical place specially chosen to honor the softest clay: white clay.
A meeting between matter and light, sounds and rays of the sun, travel in clay earth and rediscover this beneficent rock from a new angle.

White clay takes care with strength and delicacy. This is what we wanted to transcribe through this dance, embodied by Claudio Covillo and Emma Spinali, two renowned star dancers.

Sweet white clay

An immersive experience and an unforgettable encounter

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An experience

Clay gestures are reinvented, joyful and daring, innovative and efficient. Argiletz imagines new gestures: a dance that symbolizes life, vitality, sensoriality, exchange, eternal youth and purity.
White clay is the softest of all.
White clay is an experience for the body and mind.

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