Clay Book: La médecine personnalisée


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Personalized Medicine - Dr.Lapraz and Mrs. Clermont-Tonnerre
Clay Book: La médecine personnalisée


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Discover the book Personalized Medicine – Recovering and Keeping Health by Dr. Jean-Claude Lapraz and Marie-Laure de Clermont Thunder


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Recovering and staying healthy

This book brings new solutions to all those who are waiting to be treated effectively, personalized and with less toxic treatments. Medicine too often standardized and specialized to excess focuses on the symptom and dissociates the disease from the wearer. Endobiogenic medicine, a comprehensive approach proposed by Dr. Lapraz, puts the patient back at the centre of medical practice.

Cholesterol, diabetes, respiratory diseases, eczema… new avenues, based on listening attentively to the patient, on the systematic study of his terrain through new biological indicators, are revealed here to evaluate in depth the health of each.
Faced with the explosion of degenerative diseases and cancers that raise fears and questions, this book provides the answers to the questions that concern us all: prevention, cure, health.

Written by: Dr JC Lapraz, ML of Clermont-Tonnerre

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Dr. Jean-Claude Lapraz and Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre