Complete care body poultice


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My 100% natural kit to soothe and relieve the body.

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The poultice routine is a complete treatment that includes a paste of green clay (150 gr), an oily macerate of St. John’s wort, an oily macerate of organic arnica and the essential oil of Wintergreen

Green clay relieves the body and does good to the skin

Exceptionally rich in minerals useful to your body and skin, this clay is multi-purpose. By redistributing its trace elements and minerals, green clay soothes, relieves, moisturizes, absorbs, energizes! The must-have in his bathroom. Argiletz green clay is dried in the sun to concentrate all the power of the clay.

Relax, let the arnica do it!

Arnica Organic Oily Macerate helps to relax sometimes aching body areas. It is well known to sportsmen and sportswomen who use it in case of muscle contraction or intense effort.

Soothe muscle tension with wintergreen essential oil

Wintergreen essential oil is renowned for its soothing action. Its warming action on muscles and joints makes it the daily ally of all sportsmen and sportswomen!

Organic St. John’s wort Oily Macerate: a calming massage oil

With Organic St. John’s wort Oily Macerate, tight and uncomfortable skin finally has the care that suits them. St. John’s wort, known for its soothing virtues, has a surprising effect on the skin. This massage oil is used for its softening, soothing and purifying properties. It leaves the skin healthy, fresh and rested. As good for the face as for the body.

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Complete care body poultice

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