Neglected for many years, therapeutic clay is once again appreciated and recognized for its natural virtues.

Doesn’t it read in the natural history of Pliny:

There is a clay earth:

  • that heals every sore
  • that absorbs waste
  • which is used in medicine to dry out and tighten dermal tissues
  • that is used in collyria to eliminate scars
  • that is used to soften and remove the pain”

In the most distant times (3000 years), clay was used against inflammations, ulcerations, it was used to embalm the bodies.

Its antiseptic powers were widely known.

In Roman times, this type of earth was called lemnos, and it was used to heal broken bones. Many people also took mud baths.

It took a considerable amount of time for Kneipp to use it again to treat horses for foot-and-mouth disease.

Then Professor Stumf uses it again against Asian cholera. It was also used to fight dysentery in World War I.

It was Mr. Jean Heitz who came up with the idea of putting clay back in the place of honor it deserves, knowing its virtues well, his mother having taught them to him from an early age.

And for more than 65 years, the company Argiletz has strived to put this know-how at the service of quality products, respectful of all skin and its environment.

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