Ghassoul, your new essential beauty

Argile Ghassoul Argiletz

In the clayseries, do you know ghassoul? This 100% natural brown powder will sublimate your skin and hair! Zoom!

Used since the Middle Ages in the Near and Middle East, it has retained its place in contemporary society. We tell you all about the many virtues of this magic powder!

What is ghassoul?

Native to Morocco,ghassoul (or rhassoul) is a 100% natural mineral clay,used by women in the East to take care of their bodies and hair. This magic powder is extracted from deposits on the edge of the Atlas Mountains.

Like black soap or argan oil,it is an inherent element of the hammam ritual. And that’s not all, in tradition, it’s also a wedding offering!

A source of benefits for the body

Rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron… As well as trace elements, it is ideal for deep-skin cleansing and purifying. Both the body and the face. Not only will it come to absorb impurities,but it will also bring down dead cells and soften your skin. You will regain shine and vitality,after only a few masks!

Thanks to its natural properties, ghassoulwill also act as an anti-pollution shield and protect your skin from external aggression!!

The essential for hair

For hair, ghassoul is the must have 100% natural par excellence! It acts like a natural shampoo on the hair! He will rid them of impurities without assaulting them or damaging them!

And that’s not all, it will also bring them flexibility and brilliance! Pretty good, isn’t it?

Argiletz product selection

Ghassoul face mask

The ghassoul face mask is ideal for removing impurities and removing dead cells! A great way to regain beautiful skin, without blemishes.

Tip: you can add a few essential drops of rosewood to your mask, for optimal results and a much firmer skin! Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse gently with lukewarm water!

Clay ghassoul 200 grams

Bulk ghassoul helps to thoroughly cleanse your skin and hair,while using a 100% natural product!