Green clay or white clay: What to choose for your skin?


Clay is a natural rock with many absorption and adsorption properties. It has been used for centuries for its virtues on the epidermis and hair. Soft and delicate, it works deeply to take care of your skin, beautify it, purify it and sanitize it. Each clay color is pure and natural.

Coloured clays have unique properties of their own: Green, white, red clay but also yellow, pink orghassoul clay. Of all these colors, green clay and white clay are the most used in the world. What makes them so popular? When do you use them? Focus on these two clays, their properties and their use, to understand their interest according to your needs and your skin type.

What are the properties of green clay?

Greenclayis by far the most used in the world of care and cosmetics. It has countless properties: it alone contains all the existing minerals and fabulous absorption and adsorbtion properties.

In perfect synergy with your skin, this clay adapts to all skin types: it rebalances all skins, detoxifies mixed skin, soothes sensitive skin, illuminates tired complexions and purifies oily skin.

In regular application, your skin will gradually regain all its serenity.

Green clay for all skins

Green clay is an unstoppable ally if you want to thoroughly purify and detoxify your skin. This clay is the richest in minerals and trace elements essential for the skin. It contains mainly calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica, zinc, sodium, and copper, which are essential for remineralizing the skin and nourishing it deeply.

Its structure allows green clay to be ultra absorbent and gently eliminate excess sebum for a moment of pure well-being.

It also exfoliates the epidermis and removes all impurities (dust, toxins, dead cells, etc.). Its purifying action cleanses, tightens pores, and unifys the complexion for fresher, more radiant skin.

Awaken your senses with a soft, fresh and enveloping clay mask with results that will convince you of its natural long-term effectiveness. Fishing skin effect guaranteed.

A true restorative gesture,illite green clay is respectful of all epidermis.

Fighting imperfections with green clay

Illite green clay is the richest in minerals and trace elements. At Argiletz, we are committed to offering you clays that adapt to every moment of your life: Powder, pate, strips, crushed, pieces… Every situation, its clay.

So, whatever its shape, it has undeniable virtues for the skin. It is particularly softening, purifying, and regenerating. Enough to regain a fresh and clear complexion without having to use products with controversial composition. At Argiletz, our clays are guaranteed to be dried in the sun, 100% natural, without dyes or preservatives.

What are the properties of white clay?

Used in SPA and health centers, white clay is very soft and neutral thanks to its Ph. It is ideal for dull skin to which it will restore shine. It works wonders on dull and sensitive skin.

White clay for dull and sensitive skin - Finding a fresh, radiant complexion

Whiteclay,also called kaolinite, has a high content of silica and some minerals essential for the skin and hair. It is less absorbent than green clay but has softening and purifying properties.

Its neutral Ph makes it particularly suitable for dull and reactive skin that requires special attention. Applied as a mask, it softens and remineralizes the epidermis without attacking it.

Thanks to its softening, calming and decongestant virtues, white clay cleanses, rebalances and detoxifies the skin.

It delicately removes impurities. It is the unstoppable beauty ally if one wishes a more unified complexion.

As you will have understood, green clay is the most suitable treatment for all skins to eliminate any form of imperfection. It will lighten your skin and give it unparalleled vitality. If you have dull or sensitive skin, and want to enjoy the same advantages as green clay, the solution is to orient yourself towards the white agile. It is undoubtedly the most suitable for this type of epidermis.