Winter 2020 campaign: white clay in the spotlight

argiletz white clay

Land of light for millennia, white clay (also called kaolin, named after the Chinese mountains from which it was discovered) is a land of benefits with ancestral powers. As soft as it is powerful, clay has been able to make a place of choice in the world of cosmetics.

Through our Winter campaign entitled “Voyage en terre d’argile”, the very first in a series of 4, we wanted to honor this delicate clay and make you (re)discover it via a brand new visual experience.

Poetic immersion

A breathtaking, bright and mysterious landscape, it was to Lake Tuz located in Turkey that we went. During 2 days of filming, the Argiletz team was able to immortalize new and magical images, at the height of the powers of our soft white clay.

Escape, dream and let yourself be carried away by a game of materials and   sounds: clay dust, sun rays, clouds of light … all captured through a dance of the senses.

Dance of emotions

Breathtaking landscapes and a duo of dancer with immeasurable talent, here is the winning combo to put in the spotlight as it should be the sweetest of clays …

We wanted to give life and transcribe through these images what clay inspires us. For this, we called on two talented   dancers: Claudio Coviello, star dancer at La Scala in Milan and Emma Spinosi, dancer at the Ballet de Preljocaj.

Between love and sharing, sweetness and vitality, Kaolin invites itself into a sumptuous landscape where the immaculate earth meets the sun and where bodies intertwine.

Ready for   immersion? Discover the entire campaign right   here!