Spring 2021 campaign: green clay in the spotlight


A true land of benefits, green clay has always been in our DNA. It is the first clay to have been marketed by Argiletz in 1953. Almost 70 years have passed and yet green clay has remained for all these years our heart clay.

As an obvious fact, shortly after our campaign Between Earth and Sky(Winter season 2020)with white clay as its muse, we wish to honor green clay   and highlight it through preserved landscapes, in its image, as powerful as generous.

A force of Nature: clay is a gesture of love

Our illite green clay is a noble material, 100% French, which we have selected for its quality and authenticity. As you will have understood, respect for the material is our priority : clay comes from our mother Nature, it draws its benefits from what is best, it is our role to offer it to you in its purest form and not to damage its active ingredients, we dry it in an artisanal way in the sun for nearly 70 years. The heat of the sun concentrates the minerals of the clay and increases its power.

Through our campaign Voyage en Terre d’Argile, Spring 2021 edition,rediscover green clay through a sublime and preserved landscape (but also 100%   French!):   the Black Marnes of adret de l’Escure, located in the south of France and more precisely in Digne-les-Bains. Add to that several days of shooting as well as a shock crew, these are the ingredients for breathtaking images.

Go on an adventure

Our Spring campaign was carried out in collaboration with the pretty Rebecca Benhamour,a French actress known in particular for her role in “Ici tout commence” and her many appearances in many modern TV programs & series.

Rebecca embodies with a natural talent an adventurer who moves forward with a determined step through wild landscapes, as beautiful as they are steep. Dressed in an outfit reminiscent of a famous heroine (Lara Croft, for the   reference!), she goes on an adventure, in search of a treasure.

For the small anecdote, throughout the filming, a magnificent raptor flew over the stage, offering us a grandiose show that we were able to immortalize. We wanted a campaign filled with mystery and energy when this beautiful bird appeared. We can see a symbol   or at least a beautiful tribute to this clay of benefits   🙂

Whether you are an avid follower of green clay, a nature lover or simply looking for a moment of escape, discover the film   “Voyage en terre d’argile   – saison   Printemps” in its entirety. Ready   for this beautiful   trip?