The guidelines

The guidelines to purchase your green clay


Green clay provides endless benefits. It is a natural, cheap care. Follow our green clay purchase guidelines.


Which green clay to purchase? The green clay powder.


Green clay is traditionally marketed in the form of dry powder. You just have to add either fresh water, sea water, infusions of plants or even essential oils to rehydrate it and make a paste.


Argiletz offers a wide array of clays to be selected depending on your needs:

- Whether coarsely crushed, granulated or finely ground, green clay is perfect for poultices or plasters. It is up to you to choose the texture that suits you best.

- Superfine green clay is to be used for external purposes, especially as a facial mask or in a bath as it dissolves easily.

- Ultra-ventilated green clay, the finest powder, is also adapted to facial masks, hair masks and baths.

The ABC de l’argile written by Dr Jean-Christophe Charrié and published by Grancher Publishing House gives a detailed review of the various external and internal uses of green clay.


Depending on how much clay you use on a regular basis, you can purchase bags of either 3kg, 1kg or single-dose sachets. We have also developed green clay strips or compresses to be humidified and applied directly on your skin.


Which green clay to purchase? Ready-to-use clay.


To make it even easier to use, Argiletz also offers ready-to-use green clay paste. Keep it in a place where it cannot dry.

Argiletz creates new gestures to make clay easier to use even for the younger ones. Pots of 1.5 kg, tubes of 400 g are available and single-dose sachets have been specifically designed for journeys.


You can also find lots of useful recommendations on the website La Santé au Naturel in the page dedicated to clay:

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