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Appropriate color for every clay:

Argiletz offers in its ranges a wide variety of clay colors, each with different properties according to your needs. Most of our Argiletz products are made with green Illite clay, but also provide a delightful softness to cleanse any time of skins through green, white, red, pink, yellow and ghassoul clay. Give yourself a treat…

llite green clay, a fundamental element for personal balance

Illite green clay is the most used clay to improve the well-being of the whole body. « This clay has many medicinal properties proven in targeted scientific studies and is part of a new approach to integrative medicine. (Book: ABC de l’argile par le Dr Charrié). Argiletz clay is dried in the sun which makes it a natural care respectful of our environment.

See life through rose- colour glasses with pink clay.

This delicate mixture of two ultra-soft clays (white clay and red clays) prepared with love, the pink clay take care of the most delicate and sensitive skins with infinite softness. Both emollient and neutral, pink clay delicately refines the skin grain to bring it a natural radiance.